Fr. Raymond de Souza: Syro-Malabar calendar elevates summer feasts

Our calendar of liturgical seasons is rather bare compared to some of our sister Catholic Churches. That is never more evident than in our long season of “Ordinary Time,” an uninspired translation of a banal original (in Latin, “Sundays of the Year”).

    Francis Campbell: Doing right thing will lift our burden

    The yoke appears to be on me.

    • By Francis Campbell

      Peter Stockland: Hospice stands firm against all-out assault

      The board of the Irene Thomas Hospice hoped faith alone could stop the onslaught of MAiD at the 10-bed palliative care facility on Vancouver’s southeast edge.

      • By Peter Stockland

        Cathy Majtenyi: Studies point to schools fully re-opening

        It’s a step-by-step, multi-pronged back-to-school safety plan, written by practitioners in a Toronto children’s hospital internationally renowned for its expertise and innovation.

        • By Cathy Majtenyi

          Readers Speak Out: July 19-26, 2020

          Call to action

          Re: Migrant’s death hits community hard (June 28):

          First, I am deeply grateful to Fr. Peter Ciallella who has tirelessly supported and advocated for the rights of foreign migrant workers in his community.

          Editorial: Now, more than ever

          Over the years, we have heard the pleas of popes and Vatican officials to halt the worldwide production of weapons. In virtually every case, the urgency of the plea has been punctuated by the preface: “Now, more than ever ….”

            Charles Lewis: Cardinal sets example of real leadership

            This column is a shout out to a good man. No one can accuse me of trying to curry favour with him. I do not need a job or need to borrow money.

            • By Charles Lewis

              Peter Stockland: Toppled statues can’t erase past

              Cardinal Timothy Dolan offers up a much-needed reminder that a dangerous effect of toppling statues is forgetting we are all fallen human beings.

              • By Peter Stockland

                Robert Kinghorn: Violence and grief grip the night

                At school I was told that before the advent of radio and television, the great novelists such as Charles Dickens would write their books to be read around the fireplace in the evening. In so doing they would make their chapters short enough for an evening’s read and closed with a cliff-hanger.

                • By Robert Kinghorn

                  Glen Argan: Trudeau is right to stick by the rule of law

                  The Chinese government has unjustly imprisoned Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. The “Two Michaels” are innocent pawns in a high-stakes game China is playing with Canada to secure the release of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies.

                  • By Glen Argan

                    Readers Speak Out: July 5-12, 2020

                    Well done, Knights

                    Kudos  to the Knights of Columbus of Holy Cross Parish in Burnaby, B.C., for going ahead with their bicycle drive, Bicycles for Humanity, despite three partners suddenly pulling out, citing differences of opinion on LGBTQ issues. The Knights collect donated bikes and ship them in large containers to Africa where the poor can use them as inexpensive modes of transportation.