Cathy Majtenyi: The COVID-19 world has much to teach us

The journey to Easter in 2020 has been a journey like no other.

    Readers Speak Out: April 12, 2020

    Responding to crisis

    COVID-19 is a terrible disease that is causing many to become ill and some to die. It is devastating the economies of the world. However, it is in times of crisis that one can truly observe the character of individuals and organizations. 

    Editorial: We choose hope

    It was wet and dreary in an empty St. Peter’s Square March 27 as Pope Francis bestowed on Rome and the world an extraordinary blessing in these extraordinary times. But he defied the gloom of COVID-19 with a much-needed testament of hope amid this crisis, a hope conferred on us by the risen Lord that comforts us in hard times and which we celebrate with particular joy at Easter.

      Robert Kinghorn: Taking care of the poor is an essential service

      It was a different time and a different crisis, but in the small village of Bronte, Ont., work was hard to come by in the early 1950s.

        Peter Stockland: Serving up a hearty helping of faith

        In his recent letter to Register readers, Publisher-Editor Jim O’Leary reminded us all that “the need has seldom been greater for us to unite spiritually as communities of faith.”

          Fr. Raymond de Souza: Our service continues

          What are priests to do in a pandemic? Much fewer things than they would ordinarily do. But the one thing they must do is to keep doing the one thing which only they can do. They cannot abandon the sacraments.

            Readers Speak Out: April 5, 2020

            The big picture

            Re: Trump attack (Letters to Editor, March 15):

            In response to Deacon Jurenas’ praise of Donald Trump I would like to say that Trump observes the First Commandment very well in public, but in private he wants to be worshipped and he worships money. 

            Editorial: Open for business

            The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing society to take a hard look at what is essential and what is optional or even superfluous in our daily lives. In some respects, this material downsizing is a secular version of the spiritual exercise Catholics embrace every year at Lent.

              Charles Lewis: Finding fellowship in uncertainty

              We all feel the uncertainty in the air; we all hear that low-grade anxiety buzzing in the background.

                Glen Argan: This is a time to strengthen the foundation

                With widespread orders from bishops across North America and Europe to cancel public Masses including the Sunday Eucharist, some naysayers were bound to arise.

                  Bob Brehl: Finding inspiration in times of anxiety

                  Millions are now home, sheltered in place, self-quarantined, working remotely, home-schooling, keeping panic at bay but feeling anxiety rise.