Helping youth toward gender reality

I don’t need to tell you that gender confusion is rampant among our youth today. Only 10 years ago, when I would ask an audience of adults or youth, everyone knew someone who was same-sex attracted, but no one knew someone who was experiencing gender dysphoria or identified as “trans.” Now everyone knows some young person fairly close to them in that situation: a son, daughter, nephew, niece, grandchild. Why?

Editorial: The proof is in the action, despite what media will tell you

The muting of approval following Pope Francis’ wholesale, emotional, and historic apology on Canadian soil for the “evil” done to Indigenous people has come in two forms.

When love moves life’s story forward

Writing, for me, is both a part of how I make my living and how I make sense of my living. My summer reading has coincidentally connected around a theme that, in the end, a life is just a collection of stories.

Child care solutions vital in post-Roe era

“For a nation seemingly set on making people have babies, we sure don’t want to invest in them.”

Readers Speak Out: July 24-31, 2022

Knife job

The editorial, “Pick a faith lane” slyly slipped a stiletto into the theological integrity of Pope Francis.

Editorial: Forgive us our sins

The moment of humility and contrition Pope Francis ushers in with his visit to Canada may seem an unpropitious time to remind ourselves how great we art.

Full healing requires extending forgiveness

Hopes are high Pope Francis’ visit to Canada will bring about the reconciliation that leads to healing and restoration for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples alike. The Pontiff’s visit follows on the heels of his meeting with an Indigenous delegation in the Vatican at the end of March.

Canada deaf to persecuted Christians’ cries

The protection of persecuted Christians (and other faith minorities) is not at the summit of the Canadian government’s priorities. This was glaringly obvious to me as I attended the Summit on International Religious Freedom, hosted recently in Washington by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

Building a consistent culture of life

Remember that old expression, “you are like the dog that caught the car?” It’s what you say to someone who has focused so much on achieving a certain goal that they never thought about what they would do if successful. 

Celebrating language as God’s miracle

As a bilingual person I have often written about the joys and dangers of “linguistic passing.” Depending on where I found myself, I could remove or change my accent — speaking Québécois French when I needed to, Europeanizing my French on occasion and then making my French tones disappear in an English context. My goal was to disguise my origins if I sensed hostility, back when linguistic tensions were at their worse in la belle province. I confess to thinking that this was unique to Canada so was surprised to discover, as I travelled to over 50 countries, that virtually every place has a version of this, with dialects, patois, accents and more, either strictly regulated, judged or celebrated.

Readers Speak Out: July 10 - 17, 2022

Government watch

In his June 26 article “Canada flagged for religious freedom watch list,” Quinton Amundson explains why some Ohio lawmakers want to add Canada to a list of countries in which religious freedom is at risk. The concern arose from repeated pandemic-related closure of places of worship in 2020 and 2021.