Charles Lewis: Inspiring stories to feed our courage

How does tyranny arrive? And what does it look like once it has? At times it comes like a bomb that overturns all existing norms. Think of a military junta or the sudden collapse of order following massive protests and riots.

    Glen Argan: This piece of advice has stuck

    When I was a young journalist, I joined the Volunteers, a group associated with the Oblate Missionaries of Mary Immaculate (OMMI), a secular institute, and began to take part in their regular discussion groups. Early on, we discussed the five elements of the OMMI spirituality. 

      Gerry Turcotte: Always room for prayer in life’s overflowing jar

      A good friend of mine, a fellow scotch aficionado, sent me a story which is an adaptation of a well-known leadership story, popularized by Stephen Covey in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

        Bob Brehl: Heirloom triggers life-learning memory

        Francis Campbell’s column last week about a 200-year-old teapot, a story steeped in family history and faith, brought to mind a three-decade-old tale about another family heirloom.

          Readers Speak Out: February 16, 2020

          Plain wrong

          Regarding the government’s consultations on euthanasia, it is obvious that the justice department is making a pretence of listening to input from Canadians, as happened when euthanasia was legalized in 2016.

          Editorial: Law goes to pot

          When Ottawa legalized recreational marijuana in 2018, Canada’s bishops were dubious about claims the new law would sharply reduce youth pot consumption or eliminate the black market.

            Cathy Majtenyi: Time to stand up for the gift of life

            It’s an impossibly tight deadline that the Trudeau government has deliberately created, but one we must respond to with great urgency. 

              Fr. Raymond de Souza: A remarkable journey from slave to saint

              We celebrate this week — Feb. 8 — the feast day of one of the most remarkable saints of recent times, the slave girl who became a beloved religious mother. St. Josephine Bakhita was born 150 years ago (the date is uncertain, perhaps 1869 or 1870) but is a saint for today’s world of Islamist persecution and human trafficking.

                Peter Stockland: Don’t lose sight of ‘bigger picture’

                It’s true there’s a challenge, to say the least, in seeing the “bigger picture” when the picture’s focus is life and death itself.

                  Readers Speak Out: February 9, 2020

                  War-free world

                  Re: Victims of madness (Jan. 19):

                  Editorial: Peace plan fizzles

                  Returning from a recent visit to the Holy Land, Winnipeg Archbishop Richard Gagnon compared the Palestinian territory of Gaza to a prison.