Parolin: caring for the poor 'is who we are' as church

NEW YORK -- To those who ask why the Catholic Church seems to be "obsessed" with the poor, the Vatican's secretary of state said, "The answer is simple. Because this is who we are."

Pope Francis announces theme for World Communication Day 2020

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis will highlight the important role of memory and storytelling across generations as a way to bring people together in a world marked by discord and division, the Vatican said.

Pope Francis appoints commissioner for religious group in Brazil

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis appointed the former archbishop of Aparecida, Brazil, to oversee the spiritual life of a controversial religious association in the South American country.

Pope Francis declares annual day dedicated to Word of God

VATICAN CITY -- To help the church grow in love and faithful witness to God, Pope Francis has declared the third Sunday in Ordinary Time to be dedicated to the word of God.

God's Word on Sunday: Faith is our lifeline through the darkness

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Oct. 6 (Year C) Habakkuk 1:2-3; 2:2-4; Psalm 95; 2 Timothy 1:6-8, 13-14; Luke 17:5-10

How long, O Lord? This cry of anguish has been uttered by many over the centuries. It conveys anger, bewilderment, disillusionment and deep distress in the face of incredible violence, insecurity and the collapse of the social and political order.

Nothing to fear in presynod text, says theologian

ROME -- It only takes an accurate, unbiased reading of the working document for the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon to see its aim to find new ways to evangelize the region does not stray from church tradition or the teachings of previous popes, said a Brazilian theologian.

Vatican summit highlights dangers in tech revolution

VATICAN CITY -- Robots making human workers obsolete and artificially intelligent computers wreaking havoc on democratic debates are just some of the threats humanity faces in the increasingly digital future, Pope Francis said.

China-Vatican accord a positive step, speakers say

ROME -- The provisional agreement signed in 2018 by the Holy See and the Chinese government has "opened the way to the two most important things: pastoral activity and dialogue," said Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli.

Pope Francis: Anti-trafficking network must have more support

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis called on more religious orders of men and women, as well as foundations and benefactors, to get involved and help an international network of women religious in the fight against human trafficking.

Be with Christ in your work, Pope Francis tell volunteers

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis told volunteers and social workers that they can guard against discouragement by always being with Christ when working with people in difficulty.

Pope Francis: No magic in being elected pope

ROME -- While his responsibilities are greater and his prayer list longer, Pope Francis said he's basically the same person he was before he was elected in 2013, so he still goes to confession every two weeks.