Francis Campbell: Fact and fiction of Lenten fasting

Families lived frugally in the rural Nova Scotia community I called home until early adulthood.

    Bob Brehl: Is Trump’s pro-life talk a mere mirage?

    Another of President Donald Trump’s men — this one longtime confidant Roger Stone — was sentenced last week after being convicted for lying to Congress and witness tampering. That makes eight Trump associates found guilty in court on various charges.

      Readers Speak Out: March 1, 2020

      Compassionate care

      As we face growing threats to the vulnerable with the extension of MAiD, Fr. Scott Lewis’ reminder that “survival depends on loving our neighbour” is timely.

      Editorial: Fulfil the promise

      The headlines ask if reconciliation is dead. The answer is no, but the latest crisis shows that the national aspiration of a new relationship with Canada’s Indigenous peoples remains in failing health and in need of acute care.

        Glen Argan: A lesson for us all in Vanier’s downfall

        The news that Jean Vanier, the founder of L’Arche homes for people with mental handicaps, engaged in decades of sexual misconduct and falsely denied knowing about similar abuse by his mentor, Fr. Thomas Philippe, is shocking. Vanier was a saint in the eyes of many and also an icon for the future direction of the Church.

          Charles Lewis: Jean Vanier news stirs heartbreak … and anger

          For many years I was certain Jean Vanier was a saint. 

            Luke Stocking: Voice of Sr. Dorothy echoes in exhortation

            Fifteen years ago, on Feb. 12, a 73-year-old nun walked along a rural road in the Amazon region of Para state in Brazil. She was followed by two men with guns — Clodoaldo Carlos Batista and Raifran das Neves Sales. Both men worked for a livestock company. They asked her if she had any weapons. In response she showed them her Bible and began to read, “Blessed are the poor in spirit ….” 

              Leah Perrault: It’s a beautiful day in our neighbourhood

              Beauty surprised me last week when I walked out to the car with a small hand in mine: “Mommy, the road is sparkling!” 

                Peter Stockland: No quick fixes on this long road

                Esteemed theological thinkers will doubtless spend the coming months scratching their parses on the latest exhortation from Pope Francis, Querida Amazonia

                  Readers Speak Out: February 23, 2020

                  Indigenous anger

                  How Canada responds to the anger of the Wet’suwet’en community and other Indigenous groups may establish a precedent for how we approach the problem of racism at large. 

                  Editorial: Focus on dreams

                  Reaction ranged from anger to relief after the Pope dodged a contentious debate about ordaining married men to the priesthood in his reflection on the recent Amazon synod.