Papal visit inspired hope for Catholics

How would you describe the effect of Pope Francis’ July visit to Canada on your faith? We have waited in anticipation over the past few months for Pope Francis to make his “penitential pilgrimage” to Canada this summer. The Pope decided to prioritize his ministry of caring for those who have been hurt by the Church. He chose to “set his face to go to” (Luke 9: 51) Canada “in the name of Jesus to meet and embrace the Indigenous Peoples.” 

‘Awokening’ to age-old anti-Catholicism

Anti-religious violence doesn’t come out of the blue. Before it explodes, the seeds of mistrust are planted and well-tended.

Francis and Kirill could show a path to peace

We need that meeting between Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis. It’s a shame the Russian Orthodox Patriarch has backed out at the last minute.

Golf & the Kingdom: faith, hope, fairways

In summer 2021, I had the pleasure on the local public golf course where I play to be part of a foursome of walk-ons that included a diminutive albeit athletic 30-something Asian woman.

Readers Speak Out: September 4, 2022

Genocidal infection

Time will tell whether Pope Francis’ declaration of “genocide” is an existential threat to the Church. His admission, however, was an “existential” challenge to me. Francis’ penitential pilgrimage forced me to examine those remote, ignored and unacknowledged “reserves” in my soul that nurture the concealed attitudes and forbidden affections that are insidious infections from which “genocide” spreads.

Editorial: Liturgies of reconciliation

Following Pope Francis’ peripatetic apology this summer, and as the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation looms at September’s end, it’s safe to foresee increases in Indigenous “adaptations” of Catholic liturgy.

Safe Families means returning to community

When my husband recently went on a work trip for four days, our daughter started to act out more at the same time. Or perhaps she was just being her regular three-year-old self and I noticed it more. I called a friend through tears.

Art from stone that lights the heart

The Vatican Museums comprise 54 galleries of which the Sistine Chapel is undoubtedly the most famous. They exhibit more than 20,000 significant pieces of art, a mere fraction of the works in the collection of over 70,000. These include sculptures, paintings, maps and more, with the pièce de resistance being Michelangelo’s Volta della Cappella Sistina, a High Renaissance art masterpiece painted in only four years by the 33-year-old prodigy.

Exposing the evil face of MAiD

A war veteran, recovering from PTSD and a brain injury, approaches a Veteran Affairs Canada service agent to seek a treatment plan that would continue the progress he was making.

Sr. Burns rubber in her highway traffic act

I come from a family of lead-foots. I think we have black-and-white checkered genes. Nunhood made no dent in my “need for speed” heritage. So here are a few of my encounters with law enforcement on the roadways of North America. (Be it known that I’m always dressed as a nun. I don’t really have any other clothes.)

The word of the Lord is to keep believing

I teach it and I preach it, but every so often I am reminded how difficult it is to live it. I am talking about laying our expectations on others.