Editorial: Virtual dangers

It’s not every day the Pope is thankful to be “scolded” by one of his bishops but, of course, these are not ordinary days.

    John Milloy: Catholics called to action

    When will things go back to the way they used to be? Catholics should hope never. 

      Fr. Raymond de Souza: Fr. de Valk was a model for priest journalists

      Fr. Alphonse de Valk, a stalwart of the pro-life movement, touched many lives in different spheres, especially in education, the particular charism of the Basilian Fathers. I will remember him as a fellow priest journalist.

        Francis Campbell: We have the time … let’s use it well

        I can’t find time for that.

        COVID-19 has laid bare many of the popular excuses we use to appease ourselves for skipping the things we know we ought to be doing.

          Glen Argan: The last thing we want is return to ‘normal’

          The question on many minds is, “When will life return to normal?” That implies another question: What is normal?

            Readers Speak Out: April 26, 2020

            Devil’s virus

            One of The Catholic Register’s youth writers suggested another name for the virus beast. But how about Devil’s Virus for one or, even better, Psalm19 for another.

            Editorial: A worthy idea

            Among the lessons driven home by the COVID-19 crisis is that people and societies are morally bound to care for one another. This care is accomplished in many ways but one gaining wide attention, including encouragement from Pope Francis, is the potential merit of paying everyone a state-guaranteed income.

              Bob Brehl: Grief manifests in a lockdown world

              Throughout this pandemic lockdown, everyone must be going through a range of emotions at various times, from fear and anxiety to frustration and lethargy.

                Peter Stockland: In praise of Prine and calls to grace

                Given his bad-boy-again half-smile and love for re-playing clichés as humourous surprises, it’s understandable to hope word of John Prine’s death during Holy Week is a prank of cosmic timing that he okayed with God first.

                  Gerry Turcotte: The vital art of dance

                  In June we celebrate St. Vitus’ Day, a time that honours an unusual saint whose influence was seen throughout Europe generally and in Germany in particular.

                    Charles Lewis: We can’t hide the looming mess of Bill C-7

                    In 2006 I was home for about a month recovering from back surgery. It was the first time in my life I was so confined. I was literally staring at all four walls … and what I saw was not pretty.