The healing power of genuine apology

An apology has great power to heal a wrong suffered. 

I witnessed an apology by a Catholic deacon (having no involvement with the case) offered to a Baptist woman who alleged abuse by a pastor in her denomination. She broke down in tears saying how meaningful it was to see a man wearing clerical garb providing an expression of compassion and regret as to how a fellow cleric had acted towards her.

From daycare to campus, God help us

The scene had a loopy, feckless, cosplay pathos about it. Then I discerned the menace. I came face-to-face not with the dictatorship of the proletariat, but with the dictates of the phone-atariat.

Editorial: Scheffler’s faith par for course

As duffers and pro prospects alike tune their golf games for another season of lightning strike joy and thunder cloud frustration, the world’s number one player models three words of sage advice: Say your prayers.

Students meet homeless 'at the table'

“Although I am a stranger, please know I hold you in my heart and in my prayers. You are loved regardless of the obstacles that you may face. I hope this letter brightens your day, and this care package helps you along the way. Please stay safe, stay happy and stay blessed. With love, from someone who cares.”

Verbatim: Updates on events in the world of medically delivered death

Excerpt from the blog of Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition updating events in the world of medically delivered death.

  • April 26, 2024

Opening our hearts to God's magical world

the delusions of their magic art lay humbled.

Wisdom of Solomon: 17:7

The words ‘magic’ and ‘magicians’ are mentioned just over 20 times in the Bible and generally describe an act of illusion for purposes of deception rather than entertainment, or an act of sorcery. In our day, however, magic is understood to be a largely joyful piece of foolery, meant to entertain by sleight of hand or some sort of misdirection. Another phrase that I knew of, but largely in a negative context, was the concept of sympathetic magic.

Getting a life by giving up media

How does one parent the media? What do the latest studies say about the influence of media devices on youth? What are the best ages to mete out access to media devices/platforms to young people? What kind of guidance do parents and children alike need? How can young people use media in a healthy way?

Making the Church a voice for infinite dignity of all

The Vatican’s April 8 statement Dignitatis Infinita (Infinite Dignity) provides a welcome examination of the concept of human dignity, distinguishing proper understanding of the term from current misconceptions. The statement also addresses a litany of “some specific and grave violations” of human dignity. On the list are poverty, war, migrants, human trafficking, sexual abuse, violence against women, abortion, surrogacy, euthanasia and assisted suicide, marginalization of people with disabilities, gender theory, sex change and “digital violence.”

Columnist admits he ‘MAiD’ an error

Pundits generally, and perhaps columnists in particular, do not often admit to making mistakes. So, it is a special kind of pundit who can step away from previously professed opinions and admit to getting things wrong.

Hellish cold

It was an overcast sky and I despaired of any sighting when the miracle occurred.

Editorial: Morality should be clear

Among its many aspects, Iran’s outrageous April 13 attack on the sovereign nation of Israel was a trifecta of shadows, schadenfreude, and antisemitism.