Readers Speak Out: April 5, 2020

The big picture

Re: Trump attack (Letters to Editor, March 15):

In response to Deacon Jurenas’ praise of Donald Trump I would like to say that Trump observes the First Commandment very well in public, but in private he wants to be worshipped and he worships money. 

Editorial: Open for business

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing society to take a hard look at what is essential and what is optional or even superfluous in our daily lives. In some respects, this material downsizing is a secular version of the spiritual exercise Catholics embrace every year at Lent.

    Charles Lewis: Finding fellowship in uncertainty

    We all feel the uncertainty in the air; we all hear that low-grade anxiety buzzing in the background.

      Glen Argan: This is a time to strengthen the foundation

      With widespread orders from bishops across North America and Europe to cancel public Masses including the Sunday Eucharist, some naysayers were bound to arise.

        Bob Brehl: Finding inspiration in times of anxiety

        Millions are now home, sheltered in place, self-quarantined, working remotely, home-schooling, keeping panic at bay but feeling anxiety rise.

          Canada's bishops on COVID-19: March 29, 2020

          In place of The Catholic Register’s editorial and letters from readers, this week we are turning over this page to reprint abridged versions from a sampling of messages from Canadian bishops to the people of their dioceses as they address the COVID-19 crisis.

          Francis Campbell: There is much to learn from social distancing

          A Saturday afternoon walk seemed a healthy idea during the social distancing edicts foisted on citizens everywhere to fend off COVID-19 risks.

            Leah Perrault: Staying the course, whether frozen or not

            Staying the course is an ironic metaphor for an asthmatic whose longest race ever was 3,000 metres.

              Luke Stocking: In the face of our fears we need signs of peace

              I had a coronavirus earlier this year.

              Not THAT coronavirus. It was just a common cold, which is one of the many types of coronaviruses out there.

                Charles Lewis: COVID-19 crisis a chance to re-examine our lives

                Every crisis can teach us something about ourselves. Each is a chance to revise the way we live and the way we think about what is important and which people in society deserve our respect and admiration.

                  Charles Lewis: Imagine a Lent lasting the whole year

                  As you read this we will be in the last few weeks of our Lenten promises. If you are like me you have probably slipped once or twice.