VATICAN CITY - Returning to the Vatican in the midst of a heat wave after an eight-day, three-country trip to South America, Pope Francis took the kind of vacation he said he prefers: what has become known as a "staycation."

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THORNHILL, ONT. - In 1987 Elio Madonia, then in his 50s, sold his business, retired and with his wife went on vacation to the Dominican Republic with plans to continue enjoying retirement in Florida.

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The voice over the phone said, “Our parish has been bequeathed some land in the Bahamas! What’s the next step?” 

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One of the most challenging issues in estate planning is how to handle the disposition of a vacation property. The challenge is how to dispose of such property either during life or at death. For those with a small family or perhaps a single child, the decision is not challenging. For those with multiple children, the decision on whether to retain family vacation properties or share them among members of the family can be difficult. 

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