Fr. Raymond de Souza: Newman’s spirit alive at Toronto’s Oratory

Earlier this year I wrote an appreciation here of the late Fr. Jonathan Robinson, who established the Oratory of St. Philip Neri in Montreal in 1975 and transferred it to Toronto in 1979. Last month, I wrote about the 175th anniversary of the conversion of St. John Henry Newman on Oct. 9, 1845, which is now his feast day.

  • By Fr. Raymond J. de Souza

    Charles Lewis: Here’s why we need to oppose euthanasia

    I would not blame you if you sighed in frustration at yet another column about euthanasia. You may think others and myself have made the point repeatedly.

    • By Charles Lewis

      Robert Kinghorn: Timely phone calls re-focus our mission

      If “The Church on the Street” were a weekly contribution to The Catholic Register, then I would frequently have the wrath of the editor on my shoulders as I submit, “Walked around downtown; nothing happened. The end.” Especially in these COVID-ridden times the streets are devoid of much of the activity that unfortunately led one journalist to write-off the area as “plagued by crack addicts, drug dealers and low-rent sex trade workers.”

      • By Robert Kinghorn

        Leah Perrault: God’s saving grace lives in the moment

        Saving the open document on my computer, I close my door with intention, mentally leaving the worries of work inside my office. I wish my co-workers a good evening and check in with myself as I walk to daycare to get my littlest one. We drive to school to pick up the big three while I review the evening’s supper plan. My oldest is finally big enough to sit in the front seat and we chat about our days while the small three connect in the back. The days blend together and I am keeping my heart fixed on Barbara Brown Taylor’s question: “What is saving your life right now?”

        • By Leah Perrault

          Glen Argan: Justice demands solidarity, not politics

          Amy Coney Barrett, who will likely soon be confirmed as a justice of the United States Supreme Court, is the nightmare selection that America’s progressive elites hoped was no longer possible. A Catholic mother of seven who subscribes to the judicial philosophy of originalism must, in the progressive view, be someone afraid of change and especially of the future.

          • By Glen Argan

            Peter Stockland: The peril of mixing science and politics

            It doesn’t diminish Pope Francis’ message on the urgency of climate change action to wish he had put a little less of the Church’s faith on what is commonly meant by “science” today.

            • By Peter Stockland

              Charles Lewis: Barrett a ray of hope in divided America

              The United States is in the midst of political crisis; divisions among Americans are at a fever pitch. I do not think the country has been this polarized since the Vietnam War era.

              • By Charles Lewis

                My heart goes on … with new perspective

                After effectively dying briefly three weeks ago, I’ve been thinking whether my survival really means God wants me to remain on Earth for a while yet.

                • By Peter Stockland

                  Church malaise runs deeper than virus

                  Thank you to Winnipeg’s Archbishop Richard Gagnon, president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, for daring to state that that a malaise is affecting the Church in this country because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sometimes, even the obvious does not become real until it is named, and Archbishop Gagnon has done that in comments published in last week’s Catholic Register.

                  • By Glen Argan

                    Gerry Turcotte: Fr. McGivney left extraordinary legacy

                    Dictionaries offer two definitions for the word beatify. The first is “to make supremely happy.” The second is “a declaration of blessedness” and, for Catholics, this is the step before canonization.

                    • By Gerry Turcotte

                      Fr. Raymond de Souza: Visit a shining moment for Benedict, Newman

                      This autumn brings a trifecta of anniversaries for those of us devoted to St. John Henry Newman.

                      • By Fr. Raymond J. de Souza