Gerry Turcotte: Words, words, words

Growing up in Montreal, with a mother who couldn’t speak French and a father who couldn’t speak English, I had an uncanny understanding of the power of words.

Luke Stocking: What’s in a name? People like Maria

“You say you care about the poor … then tell me, what are their names?”

Charles Lewis: The power of prayer is eternal

This is the most profound story I have ever heard about prayer:

Glen Argan: JPII encyclical stands test of time

May 1 will mark the 30th anniversary of the publication of Pope John Paul II’s landmark encyclical Centesimus Annus. The document’s name suggests that it was written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the publication of Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Rerum Novarum, the first papal encyclical which addressed social issues of work, labour unions and economic justice. To an extent, that is true. However, the greater inspiration for the content of the document was the fall of Eastern European communism in 1989.

Fr. Raymond de Souza: St. Joseph feast deserves holy day of obligation

Is it possible to entrust the cause of one saint to the intercession of another? Would it ever be necessary? If the former was the greater saint, would it be odd to entrust him to the lesser?

Leah Perrault: Making space for living amid the mess

Mess is not a new way of living for our family, but moving has a way of making figurative messes real. Our house is full of boxes, waiting for certainty that we will not need to move again soon.

Sr. Helena Burns: Five solutions to feminism gone wrong

“Feminism” is not a dirty word. At its most basic level, I define feminism as “the protection and promotion of women.” “Radical feminism” denies any significant differences between men and women beyond a few reproductive body parts, which, of course, is patently false, unscientific and demeaning. I was a radical feminist for a good portion of my life until I discovered John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

Peter Stockland: God Squad mission to build role models

For a decade of his 31 years with the Calgary Police Service, Sean Lynn worked with at-risk youth.

Cathy Majtenyi: Glass houses and safe drinking water

It’s an end-of-March deadline that’s not going to be met. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has failed to deliver on his election promise that public water systems on all First Nations reserves will be potable by March 31, 2021, says Canada’s Auditor General.

Charles Lewis: Stupidity abounds in an arrogant world

We often bemoan the state of the world. A word such a “tragic” is often used. War and famine still plague much of the world and here in Canada we live under an anti-life government. So yes, tragic is fitting.

Robert Kinghorn: Holding on with hope and gratitude

In many ways, gratitude is the basis of love.