Robert Kinghorn: No one need walk alone on the road of despair

Alleluia, alleluia give thanks to the risen Lord Alleluia, alleluia give praise to His name.

The music had barely faded from our Easter liturgy when I walked into the hospital room of a woman I had been asked to visit but had never met.

    Bob Brehl: The redemption of Tiger amidst #MeToo

    The excitement surrounding Tiger Woods’ historic win at the Masters golf tournament is undeniable, but it also raises some questions.

      Francis Campbell: If it’s false or fake don’t call it news

      Fake news. The term is bandied about almost daily and has quickly grown tired and annoying.

        Cathy Majtenyi: Wilson-Raybould sets the right example

        It was the bombshell conversation that sealed the fate of a string of federal government officials connecting right up to the office of the prime minister.

          Charles Lewis: A prayer for Francis the panhandler

          For a number of years there was a panhandler standing outside St. Michael’s Cathedral in downtown Toronto. His name was Francis. I liked him quite a bit. Which should not be thought of as a given since there are some panhandlers who, over the years, have gotten on my nerves. I know it is not a Christian thing to say but there it is.

            Fr. Raymond J. de Souza: Venezuelan cardinal fights the good fight

            Each year in Kingston, we have the honour of hosting our annual St. John Fisher Dinner, a fundraiser which supports the mission of Catholic Christian Outreach at Queen’s University. We invite a distinguished speaker and have been blessed to highlight places where the Church is under persecution.

              Bob Brehl: Salvator Mundi painting goes on the lam

              The art world is abuzz about the whereabouts of the mysterious painting of Jesus Christ attributed to Leonardo da Vinci.

                Robert Kinghorn: Numbers can’t measure the blessings of street

                There’s a saying statisticians love to trot out when questioned on the value of their surveys. “You are what you measure.”

                  Gerry Turcotte: There’s a light ahead in our Lenten journey

                  During Ash Wednesday Mass on the St. Mary’s University campus, professor of psychology, Fr. Peter Doherty, offered an inspiring homily. He spoke of the importance of the Lenten journey and the need for us to reach out and to support others, as well as the need to reflect on the importance of the “journey” of Lent — emphasizing that Lent isn’t a time period, but a process leading to discovery.

                    Charles Lewis: The miracle of St. Augustine's Seminary

                    Consider this a non-poetic, nonrhyming ode to St. Augustine’s Seminary. I love the Toronto school and I want to explain why. And then I hope you will love it, too.

                      Vanessa Santilli-Raimondo: My Lenten promise extends to 54 Fridays

                      When I first started thinking about what I would do for Lent this year, the last thing I imagined was a fast that would encompass 54 Fridays, running until Easter of next year.