Robert Kinghorn: Encounters on a warm summer evening

Warm weather can bring out the best and the worst in the parishioners of the church on the street. It can lull them into a state of lassitude that can only be equalled by a homily that has lost sight of its destination, or else stir them into frenetic anger fuelled by an assortment of illicit stimulants.

Luke Stocking: An ode to sustainable development

“We didn’t have any houses destroyed.”

Glen Argan: Christ’s love will fulfil our needs

Pope Francis’ decision to tighten restrictions on the use of the Tridentine liturgy has been the most significant global Catholic news story of the summer.

Sr. Helena Burns: Beware the trail that is built on lies

When the Russian dissident and author Alexander Solzhenitsyn was expelled from the Soviet empire in 1974, he wrote a famous exhortation to his countrymen entitled “Live Not By Lies.” Solzhenitsyn spent years doing hard labour in prison camps, survived and dared to write about his experience in The Gulag Archipelago. Not only did he write his own story, but he gathered and recounted the tragic stories of those who didn’t make it out alive.

Peter Stockland: Catholics must deal with a hard truth

Could this most troubling of summers for the Catholic Church across Canada spark its resurgence as a vital participant in the country’s public life? Call me a sun-addled optimist, but I carry a conviction it can so long as we avoid thinking of a phoenix rising from ashes and instead heed the Gospel call to commit ourselves to the long, hard, patient work of building Christ’s Church.

Fr. Raymond de Souza: Church’s job remains sharing the good news

In our examination of the issues related to residential schools, we looked last issue at the problems of state power in evangelization. But what about evangelization itself?

Charles Lewis: Religion truly is under mob attack

A priest friend of mine was recently talking about the current state of affairs as it relates to religious freedom in Canada.

Cathy Majtenyi: The gift of vaccine is a common good

“My body, my choice. No one is going to tell me what to do with my body.”

Gerry Turcotte: The high cost of ‘hostile’ design

One of my favourite sights when driving along the increasingly paved landscape of Calgary is an ospreys’ nest that has been built atop the metal girder that supports a ubiquitous piece of highway signage. My children and I have marvelled for many years at the site of this large nest, perched out in the open on unprotected steel, which has supported generations of fledgling hawks. So imagine my disappointment driving past the spot recently only to discover that workers had covered the nest with a wooden pyramid. It is impossible not to personify the forlorn hawk, who sat miserably beside this intervention, appearing lost and confused.

Glen Argan: ‘Best summer ever’ falling well short

My most recent conversation with an avid COVID-denier came during one of my frequent walks in Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River Valley. According to my interlocutor, the COVID pandemic is a hoax and a mysterious “they” are hiding data which would show that tens of thousands of people have died from anti-COVID vaccines.

Fr. Raymond de Souza: Church-state alliances lead to dangerous path

What is the role of the state — the civil power, be it the crown or another form of government — in evangelization?