Sr. Helena Burns: Making the most of your news I.Q.

I was recently asked by a parish to do a (virtual) workshop on “News Literacy.” I was told by the families that invited me: “The confusion goes way beyond just ‘fake news.’ There are so many voices on so many digital platforms, speaking both without and within the Church — we need some guidance!” All sides produce legitimate-seeming data, evidence and documentation. Who and what to believe?

  • By Sr. Helena Burns, FSP

    Glen Argan: Ideology matters. Life? Not so much

    Although Alberta Premier Jason Kenney was elected in 2019 on a platform of improving the economy, providing new jobs and eliminating the government deficit, his election as both party leader and premier came with the support of Alberta’s pro-life movement. The current pandemic has made it clear that the Kenney government’s overwhelming priority is to keep businesses open even if it means a loss of human life. The government shows no sign of a pro-life commitment.

    • By Glen Argan

      Fr. Raymond de Souza: Many dropped the ball, Montreal report finds

      The Boucher Report, released on Nov. 25 by the Archdiocese of Montreal, makes for distressing reading. The tale told therein also illustrates how failures in Canada may have contributed to the significant reforms made by Pope Francis last year aimed at changing the culture of episcopal governance.

      • By Fr. Raymond J. de Souza

        Peter Stockland: Legault fails to grasp faith’s central role

        Truer words have never been spoken than Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix’s methodical castigation of the Quebec government failure to consult the province’s religious believers on COVID-19 planning.

        • By Peter Stockland

          Gerry Turcotte: Don’t underestimate power of a laugh

          COVID-19 has triggered many things, some of them predictable, many not. Who, for example, would have guessed that the first major response to the virus would be panic buying of toilet paper? A rush on cellphone cases and Lego were two other unexpected results of the pandemic. Apparently, our behaviour has become so unusual that it is negatively impacting artificial intelligence algorithms, with one AI consultant claiming that “automation is in a tailspin.”

          • By Gerry Turcotte

            Charles Lewis: Allegations lead us down dangerous path

            The acceptance of serious allegations swallowed up without proof is an age-old problem. It is also dangerous.

            • By Charles Lewis

              Glen Argan: Conscience changes world for the better

              Rosa Parks, a poor, humble black woman, sparked the civil rights movement when she refused to relinquish her seat on a bus to a white person in Birmingham, Ala., in 1955. Moses, another introvert, was led by God to go to the Egyptian pharaoh and seek his people’s freedom. Lech Walesa, an electrician, organized illegal protests in the Gdansk, Poland, shipyard throughout the 1970s. He was arrested numerous times, fired from several jobs and placed under constant surveillance. His efforts bore fruit in the Solidarity trade union which led to the collapse of Eastern European communism.

              • By Glen Argan

                Leah Perrault: Making space for love in restless world

                Space was not on my mind when I began a dream job at 23, four months pregnant.

                • By Leah Perrault

                  Sr. Helena Burns: Virtual reality and theology of the body

                  If you’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time staring into a screen these days … raise your hand. Or, as a gentleman tweeted recently: “How many people want to SCREAM after every Zoom meeting?” (He didn’t mean scream for joy). And, BTW, you can virtually, silently “raise your hand” on Zoom, also!

                  • By Sr. Helena Burns, FSP

                    Charles Lewis: The power of Christ is found in weakness

                    Like many of you I have been addicted to the U.S. presidential election and the strange aftermath of accusations and recriminations about the vote count.

                    • By Charles Lewis

                      Peter Stockland: What’s the rush on Bill C-7?

                      A mad push appears to be on to get the federal government’s MAiD legislation out of committee and into the House of Commons for rapid passage.

                      • By Peter Stockland