Leah Perrault: Learning to love in cabin of my longing

Longing is a place I visit frequently, passing through on the way to somewhere else. The floor is worn at the entrance way and in front of the window, where walking gently back and forth has left its mark. The chair is comfortable in its familiarity, having moulded itself to my body’s curves. Since I expect to be moving on to somewhere more important, this little cabin doesn’t get the attention it deserves. But I’ve spent a lot of time in this longing this year. And the longing is wearing its place in me, too.

Charles Lewis: Smile said it all about our culture of death

This is about a single newspaper photograph. The Canadian Press took it on Dec. 10 on the day the House of Commons passed Bill C-7, which expands euthanasia to include more victims.

  • By Charles Lewis

Glen Argan: Birth of Christ offers a ‘new normal’

In a famous fifth-century sermon, St. Leo the Great preached that Christmas is a time for rejoicing. “Sadness should have no place in the birthday of life.”

  • By Glen Argan

Gerry Turcotte: Searching for the ‘core’ of Christmas

At breakfast recently my daughter noted that my cardigan made me look like an academic. As a professor I wasn’t sure how to take the comment. But I admitted that the first thing I did when I began teaching in a university was to rush out and buy a tweed jacket with patches on the elbows.

  • By Gerry Turcotte

Cathy Majtenyi: Christmas story holds many life lessons

It’s that time again. We rush through the shops, picking those perfect presents for our loved ones. Family and friends will soon surround our Christmas table for a feast, followed by robust caroling and gift exchanging.

  • By Cathy Majtenyi

Sr. Helena Burns: Time to revive the ‘nuclear’ family

The “nuclear family.” Such a strange phrase. Does it glow? What exactly is it?

Peter Stockland: Report prompts unsettling question

The fact Trista Hope’s name isn’t really Trista Hope adds volumes to the recent 276-page Capriolo report into the catastrophic botching of priestly sex offender Brian Boucher’s case.

  • By Peter Stockland

Luke Stocking: Advertisers offer lesson in Advent preparation

Some years ago, our priest opened his Advent sermon with some observations about how early our Western society begins to market Christmas to us.

  • By Luke Stocking

Charles Lewis: Mass is essential to our Catholic life

Once again our Catholic churches are closed in Toronto. Perhaps by the time you are reading this that will have changed. It is unlikely, but possible.

  • By Charles Lewis

Robert Kinghorn: Mike found a home in Dismas Fellowship

It’s a simple action, almost involuntary, and we seldom give it another thought. We are asked to dip into our deep pockets as we sit in the pews, and to spare some money for the less fortunate at Christmas.

  • By Robert Kinghorn

Sr. Helena Burns: Making the most of your news I.Q.

I was recently asked by a parish to do a (virtual) workshop on “News Literacy.” I was told by the families that invited me: “The confusion goes way beyond just ‘fake news.’ There are so many voices on so many digital platforms, speaking both without and within the Church — we need some guidance!” All sides produce legitimate-seeming data, evidence and documentation. Who and what to believe?

  • By Sr. Helena Burns, FSP