Glen Argan: We have a duty to listen to survivors

Residents of my Edmonton neighbourhood are setting up front yard signs of solidarity to honour the 215 former students at the Kamloops Residential School whose remains were found outside the school. As well, demonstrations were held in some centres regarding the detection of these unmarked graves. This discovery has moved people in a way that earlier revelations about the schools did not.

Sr. Helena Burns: Dealing with ‘the gender talk’

Parents generally loathe having “the sex talk” with their children. Today they will also need to have “the gender talk.” Let me explain.

Robert Kinghorn: Little by little, broken lives can be healed

Have you ever had an experience in your life and you are not sure if you dreamt it or lived it? Mine goes back at least 50 years and it is as vivid today as if it happened yesterday.

Peter Stockland: Kamloops discovery wallops the Church

There’s a unique wallop in seeing your hometown linked by national and international media to the finding of a “mass grave” full of children.

Charles Lewis: Uighurs need a Good Samaritan

One of the greatest passages in the Bible is the story of the Good Samaritan.

Peter Stockland: Living faith within the realities of life

Five minutes into a recent online retreat, I felt myself going spiritually backwards.

Glen Argan: Mother Mary is ‘our tainted nature’s solitary boast’

Marian devotion and the Church’s preferential option for the poor come together in the feast of the Visitation, celebrated May 31. The feast marks the beginning of Mary’s three-month visit to her cousin Elizabeth.

Fr. Raymond de Souza: Symbols matter

Several Ontario Catholic school boards have decided to fly the Pride flag during the month of June. Many officials don’t want to talk very much about it; witness the briefest of stories which appeared in this newspaper.

Sr. Helena Burns: St. Joseph: Provider for those in need

Seeing as this is the wonderful year of the wonderful St. Joseph, I shall diverge from my usually grim cultural commentary and instead celebrate the greatest saint in Heaven after Our Lady!

Peter Stockland: Beware of Bill C-10 and the bureaucrats

What Ottawa won’t do for cats it might end up doing to Catholics, warns a former CRTC vice-chair and leading critic of controversial changes to the federal Broadcasting Act.

Luke Stocking: How can we put synodality into action?

“When something grows, it gets bigger, but when it develops, it gets different.” These are the words of ecological economist Herman Daly.