Robert Kinghorn: It was a benediction of an evening

Jesus said that we are called to be the light of the world and the salt of the Earth. But to be honest, some evenings on the street I just feel lightly salted. 

    Cathy Majtenyi: Listen to the children … future depends on it

    One Friday last August a Swedish schoolgirl decided not to attend her classes. Clutching her handwritten sign “School strike for climate,” she instead stood outside Sweden’s Parliament, a one-child protest against the damage humankind has wrought on the environment.

      Charles Lewis: Time for Catholics to stop the passivity

      During the federal election I wrote about the unfair treatment Andrew Scheer received in the media.

        Gerry Turcotte: Life’s adversities call forth the bloom

        I was admiring a friend’s potted plant recently when she noted that I had just missed the flowering. “I forgot to water it,” she noted, “and it just bloomed.” 

          Peter Stockland: Religious bigotry born of ignorance

          Alberta MP Garnett Genuis was right when he blamed “anti-Catholic bigotry” for the current attacks on Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

            Glen Argan: In search of a moral conscience

            The issue of the right to freedom of conscience will not go away. In fact, it may be the defining issue of our time. 

              Bob Brehl: Eucharist ‘is not a prize for the perfect’

              Denying the Eucharist to U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden out on the hustings last month set off new “wafer wars” that spilled across the border, rekindling painful memories for at least one Canadian politician.

                Fr. Raymond de Souza: Election delivered blow to religious freedom

                The 2019 federal election blew an ill wind toward religious believers in Canada.

                  Charles Lewis: Our leaders could use a lesson in humility

                  What does it mean when the only thing that matters is power? What does it mean that even in defeat it is impossible to summon up even a note of humility? 

                    Leah Perrault: As the light shifts, darkness slowly lifts

                    For more than 800 days, the Earth has been spinning its way around the sun, shining in spite of my sister’s death, but I struggled to see it. The sun and moon came and went, and I struggled to feel anything other than the sting of injustice at a world without her. 

                      Bob Brehl: Courts must adjust to tech advances

                      Every day, we’re bombarded with the virtues of technology — from quantum leaps in health care to helping police solve crimes to simple conveniences enjoyed by holding more computing power in our hands than what was used to put humans on the moon.