Charles Lewis: Looking to faith on the road of suffering

I am aware I write a lot about my pain. There is a good reason. Pain, specifically spinal pain, has been the dominant force in my life for nine years. It is what I wake up to every morning, it is what I carry around during the day and it is the last thing I feel before falling asleep … and it is what wakes me up through the night when pain is more acute.

    Luke Stocking: Pandemic reflections on the Incarnation

    At a time when mother nature has “sent us to our rooms” (as one viral post put it), the digital world has opened its arms wide to embrace us. It is a reality that I have been reflecting on during this pandemic.

      Glen Argan: Pandemic should give us food for thought

      In Alberta, the province where I live, those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic are workers in meat processing plants.

        Bob Brehl: Back-to-the-future pandemic activities

        While in a bulk food store recently, complying with social distancing rules, I was led around by an employee whose job was to scoop out items I wanted and bag them.

          Peter Stockland: A shadow of hope emerges in crisis

          On the doorstep of what would become the COVID-19 crisis of spring 2020, a wise woman I encountered called me out on the distinction between hope and expectation.

            Leah Perrault: Real love creates space to grow and discover

            Space is not a word I associated with love for most of my life. I grew up longing for the freedom of stretching further away from the intimacy of my family and small Saskatchewan town. I sat in the farmhouse window sill in my bedroom, staring up at the expansive, prairie sky of stars, full of wonder at all the space in the universe for all of us.

              Charles Lewis: It’s time to really share our blessings

              There is not a lot to commend living in a quarantined world.

                Gerry Turcotte: This is a fight for our shared humanity

                I had promised myself that I wouldn’t write a COVID-19 column.

                  Robert Kinghorn: A journey down soft side of street

                  Often, we do not see the softer side of people’s nature as they put up a facade of toughness and independence. This is especially true on the streets where the law of the street is, “Don’t show weakness, don’t show compassion.”

                    Glen Argan: Pandemic our signal to take action

                    One could almost hear the collective sigh of relief as governments across Canada announced the lifting of some restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

                      Bob Brehl: Anniversary a lesson in Canada’s resolve

                      May 8 marked the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe, V-E Day.