Unwrapping the true loss divorce delivers

Christmas is a time when loss is felt more acutely. But what of losses that we pretend are not? Of all the ideas our culture accepts as normal, divorce may not be the most pernicious. Pretending it is not a loss, pretending that divorce is empowering, just might be. 

MAS aids volunteers in giving gifts of service

In the midst of the thoughtful days of Advent and with the glory of Christmas just ahead, Christians may not yet be looking toward their new year in the Church and in the world. But when January arrives many of us will consider “New Year’s resolutions” involving losing a little weight, getting to the gym more often, doing projects around the house and perhaps considering volunteer work.

Report shines hope in post-Christian gloom

For much of the past 50 years the received wisdom has been that religious observance and belief is relentlessly declining in Canada. The secularization theory is that as a society progresses by becoming more educated and affluent, the ties to traditional religious belief inevitably decline. 

Kids are bridge between contrition, compassion

“I cannot believe I ever complained about being tired in the company of friends with young kids. Please forgive me!!” So tweeted new mother and journalist Bari Weiss, complete with double exclamation marks.

Remember God never forgets you

I intended to write this article about an experience I recently had while in Cincinnati. As is my custom, I went to a local parish, that has an Adoration Chapel, to spend a bit of quiet time with Jesus.

A global shock MAiD in Canada

The world is noticing our head-first descent into a land of easy euthanasia. Will we ever notice?

Italian PM puts culture of death in the shade

This is an article about Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and how she recently burst into my world bringing hope on a sad day. But in order to bring you to the light, I have to start in the darkness. It was Oct. 7, 2022 when the bureaucratic voice of a Canadian doctor testifying before a federal committee about medical aid in dying called for its expansion to include infanticide. Dr. Louis Roy of the Quebec College of Physicians proposed extending assisted suicide to babies before age one. 

Contemplate the Lord and call out to Him

Since the beginning of Creation, contemplation has been revealed as essential. We read in Genesis the resounding refrain that God, in creating the Heavens and the Earth and all that is in them, “saw that it was good.” In blessing the seventh day on which He rested from the act of creating, God contemplated all that He had fashioned through His Word (Gen. 2:1-3). 

'Doubt' seeks the truth over certainty

B&E Theatre is presenting John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt: A Parable, one of my favourite plays, at the Church of the Holy Trinity behind Toronto’s Eaton Centre. A clever idea to immerse the play in a Church, but not a Catholic Church.

In what language should we hear the Word?

My daughter started taking Gaelic lessons more than a year ago and it’s opened my eyes to the story language tells about a people. 

Bet on better care to beget more beds

In his recent homily at the National Eucharistic Congress in Matera, Pope Francis described the dangers of this world. “The abuses perpetrated by the powerful against the weak, indifference to the cry of the poor, the abyss we dig every day, generating marginalization… all these things cannot leave us indifferent,” Francis said.