Penance and Progress: Pope Francis maps a path of hope

A special Commemorative Magazine that marks Pope Francis’ historic penitential pilgrimage to Canada

This past July, Pope Francis undertook a penitential pilgrimage across Canada that will surely endure as a key turning point in the reconciliation of Indigenous-non-Indigenous relations for Canada and the Catholic Church. The Catholic Register was there every step of the journey from Rome to Edmonton to Quebec City to Iqaluit and back to Rome again. Our reporter-photojournalist Michael Swan was embedded with the traveling Vatican press corps to provide close-up coverage of the pontiff’s travels.

A result is the Register’s 64-page full colour magazine, Penance and Progress, which details the voyage in word and text but also provides abundant background stories and personal reflections on the impact, meaning and importance of July 24-29, 2022. The magazine is at once commemorative and contemplative, capturing the vitality of events but ordered to encourage deeper reflection on how to move forward on the reconciliation path. Texts of the Holy Father’s addresses are included along with prompt questions for parishes, schools, lay associations, and individuals to develop over the years ahead their own understanding of this critical historical moment.

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