NAIROBI, Kenya -- Catholic doctors in Kenya have warned against a mass cervical cancer vaccination program for young girls, as the government accelerates plans to roll out the program in September.

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Vaccinating young children against a wide range of diseases is a medical and moral imperative, and a smart practice parents should embrace.

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VATICAN – Catholic parents should vaccinate their children for the good of their children and the community, and they can do so with a "clear conscience" that "the use of such vaccines does not signify some sort of cooperation in voluntary abortion," said the Pontifical Academy for Life.
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A 50-per-cent increase in the percentage of parents making religious or conscientious objections to getting their kids vaccinated could translate into an extra 10,000 unvaccinated children in Ontario’s public and Catholic school systems, a new study shows.

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WASHINGTON - With measles outbreaks in 14 states and health authorities imploring parents to weigh the minimal risks of vaccines against the ravages of preventable disease, some Christians are raising an objection of a completely different sort: the abortion connection.

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