Francis Campbell

Francis Campbell

Francis Campbell is an editor at the Chronicle Herald newspaper in Halifax, N.S.

The times they are a-changin’.

Writing in 1962 about anticipated dramatic changes to family, racial, social, political and sexual dynamics, singer-songwriter Bob Dylan warned the old guard that their existing road was rapidly aging and they’d better get out of the way if they couldn’t lend a hand to those driving world change.

The scourge of Catholic priests sexually abusing innocent children is never far from mind in Nova Scotia.

Persistence pays off.

The yoke appears to be on me.

Another day, another clean slate for Nova Scotia in its coronavirus struggle. No additional deaths attributed to COVID-19, no new cases.

April, according to T.S. Eliot, is the cruellest month.

I can’t find time for that.

COVID-19 has laid bare many of the popular excuses we use to appease ourselves for skipping the things we know we ought to be doing.

A Saturday afternoon walk seemed a healthy idea during the social distancing edicts foisted on citizens everywhere to fend off COVID-19 risks.

Families lived frugally in the rural Nova Scotia community I called home until early adulthood.

The old teapot is steeped in history, fortitude and faith. If it could talk, whistle or chatter, what a tale this 200-year-old china cauldron might tell.