Jean Ko Din, The Catholic Register

Jean Ko Din, The Catholic Register

Jean Ko Din is Youth Editor at The Catholic Register.

You can reach her at or 416-934-3410 ext. 403.

Sacred music meets the most sacred place in the world next month as the MOSAIC vocal ensemble and the St. Michael’s Choir School (SMCS) alumni choir embark on their first performance pilgrimage. 

Packing up after a pilgrimage, you sort through the souvenirs you’ll bring home. They are reminders of friends made, marvels witnessed and lessons discovered along the way.
PANAMA CITY – Jesus is a God of now, Pope Francis told a crowd of more than 600,000 young people at World Youth Day in Panama.

World Youth Day pilgrims can tell you many stories about the adventures we all had at Cinta Costera these last few days but none are more harrowing than my adventure to find a bathroom.

PANAMA CITY – Unexpected challenges are part of the job description when you’re working as a volunteer at World Youth Day Panama, but what Ana Sanchez didn’t expect was that it could also be dangerous. 

PANAMA CITY — Esther Carmona Wagner’s heart was pounding out of her chest just before she took the stage at Anita Villalaz Theatre on Jan. 23. She even tried to ask for a chair because she was afraid her knees would buckle when she went on.
Everything that could go wrong did go wrong today.

The message to Canadian pilgrims at World Youth Day was clear: Get on social media and share the Good News.

We are united in the name of the Lord.
As much as I want to travel light for this pilgrimage, I'm letting myself bring one book to World Youth Day – St. Louis de Montfort's True Devotion to Mary.