Old age is time of grace, Pope Francis tells elderly peers

VATICAN CITY -- On the eve of his 83rd birthday, Pope Francis met with a group of his peers -- although many were a few years younger -- and told them that "old age is a time of grace."

    People's hearts yearn for God, not possessions, Pope Francis says

    VATICAN CITY -- The Christmas season is a time to reflect on what life is all about, Pope Francis told an international group of performers.

      Causes for sainthood require thorough investigation, Pope Francis says

      VATICAN CITY -- The saints are "the true light of the church," so before they are proposed to all Catholics for imitation and veneration, a scrupulous investigation is required, Pope Francis said.

      • By Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service

        Pope Francis prays for 'Normandy Summit'

        VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis offered prayers for a summit in France that will seek to bring an end to the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine.

          Pope Francis 'scandalized' by anti-migrant rhetoric

          VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis told Jesuits in Thailand he was "scandalized" by some of the anti-migrant rhetoric he hears in Europe, and he is convinced people are being manipulated into thinking the only way they can preserve their lifestyles is by building walls.

          • By Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service

            Vatican unveils Nativity scene, lights Christmas tree

            VATICAN CITY -- The Vatican unveiled the Nativity scene and lit the Christmas tree with energy-saving lights in St. Peter's Square during a late afternoon ceremony Dec. 5.

              Pope Francis, council of cardinals discuss greater role for lay men and women

              VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis and his international Council of Cardinals reviewed aspects of the draft of the apostolic constitution that would govern the Roman Curia, including a greater role for lay men and women.

                Defend dignity of persons with disabilities, Pope Francis says

                VATICAN CITY -- The dignity and rights of people with disabilities are increasingly threatened by a society that discriminates and views them as a burden, Pope Francis said.

                  Pope Francis celebrates Mass with Congolese at St. Peter's

                  VATICAN CITY -- The sounds of ululations and drums and a litany of saints filled St. Peter's Basilica Dec. 1 as Pope Francis celebrated Mass according to what is commonly called the Zairean Rite.

                  • By Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service

                    Pope Francis returns part of relic of Jesus' crib to Holy Land

                    VATICAN CITY -- As Advent approached, Pope Francis gave a small fragment of Jesus' crib back to Catholics in the Holy Land.

                    • By Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service

                      Pope Francis encourages faithful to set up Nativity scenes

                      VATICAN CITY -- A Nativity scene is a simple reminder of something astonishing: God became human to reveal the greatness of his love "by smiling and opening his arms to all," Pope Francis said in a letter on the meaning and importance of setting up Christmas cribs.

                      • By Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service