Young people must know history, learn from the past, Pope says

VATICAN – Pope Francis said young men and women today need to learn from their elders what led to the great wars of the 20th century so "they won't fall for the same mistake."

Just a few meetings is 'fake', not enough for marriage preparation, Pope says

VATICAN – Every heart longs for unconditional love and fidelity, Pope Francis said.

Cardinal Burke urges Catholic youth to not compromise with the world

ROME – Cardinal Raymond Burke urged Catholic young people attending a conference to hold fast to the teachings of Jesus Christ and to resist temptations by a “profoundly secularized culture” to change the Church into “one more Protestant denomination.” 

Doubt helps us discern God's will, Pope tells seminarians

VATICAN – Having some doubts is definitely better than having no doubts at all, Pope Francis told a group of seminarians.

God wants 'deep spiritual renewal' in church marred by clericalism, Pope says

VATICAN  Catholics need to help the church along a path of "deep spiritual renewal," Pope Francis told Jesuits from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Inspire young people to be 'everyday saints,' Los Angeles archbishop says

VATICAN – To "capture the imagination" of young people and inspire them, church leaders should offer them the example of modern saints and call young people to be "everyday saints, each in his or her own way," said Archbishop Jose H. Gomez of Los Angeles.

Indifference to lives of others kills, Pope says

VATICAN – Hurling insults and being indifferent to other people's lives is the first step along the winding path that leads to killing them, at least figuratively, Pope Francis said.

Salvadoran archbishop asks Pope to make Romero first Latin American 'doctor of the church'

VATICAN – Archbishop Jose Luis Escobar Alas of San Salvador asked Pope Francis to proclaim St. Oscar Romero the church's first Latin American "doctor of the church."

Religions are meant to build bridges, pursue peace, Pope says

VATICAN – Religions, which are meant to build bridges, contradict their very nature if they stop pursuing the path of peace, Pope Francis said.

Relics offer physical reminder that saints were real people, Pope says

VATICAN – Pope Francis and many people attending the canonization Mass in St. Peter's Square were alive when St. Paul VI and St. Oscar Romero were alive, but the new saints' relics and those of five other people canonized Oct. 14 still were present at the Mass as reminders that the saints were flesh-and-blood people who lived holy lives.

'Young people are tired of Pharisees, we need fathers,' synod observer says

VATICAN  – The Catholic Church must be a place of justice and mercy, and its members must be catalysts for change, some young observers said at the Synod of Bishops Oct. 11.