Resurrection of the Lord (Year C) March 27 (Acts 10:34a, 37-43; Psalm 118; Colossians 3:1-4; John 20:1-18)

The most profound and gripping theologies take the form of a story. Few people are moved by dry metaphysical speculations or hairsplitting, but many are moved by a powerful story. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus is as one movie title had it, The Greatest Story Ever Told. Perhaps that is part of the problem in our own time — we have opted for an overly rationalized and skeptical approach to our faith, allowing the power and excitement of the great story to slip away.

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A fictionalized film account of the days following Christ’s death and resurrection, Risen tries to stay true to Scripture as it tells the story of a Roman soldier tasked with solving Christianity’s most fundamental mystery.

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February 20, 2016


NEW YORK - In days of yore, Hollywood knew how to make Christian themes pay off at the box office.

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