A young Catholic couple were not engaged, but hoping to get there. At a certain point, naturally enough, Anne and Simon found it difficult not to engage in sexual relations. Instead, they quarrelled.

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When 20-year-old Ruth Savidge meets a guy, several questions run through her mind before she even begins to consider dating him.

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For 60 years, David and Jeannette Brown have made beautiful music together.

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BARRY'S BAY, Ont. – Every week, Kayla Pires travels 70 kilometres to St. Hedwig’s Parish in Barry’s Bay, Ont., so she can learn more about her faith. 

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VANCOUVER – Nothing could have prepared Adelaide for the nightmare that was 18 years of her life.
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VATICAN – Every heart longs for unconditional love and fidelity, Pope Francis said.
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VATICAN – Young Catholics, particularly clerics, need better formation on sexuality, affectivity, and the body, Canada's Cardinal Gérald Lacroix told reporters Tuesday, speaking about the 2018 Synod of Bishops.
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VATICAN – In their first formal reports to the entire Synod of Bishops, many of the gathering's working groups reported that they had discussed the clerical sexual abuse crisis and, especially, its impact on young Catholics.
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ROME – The Catholic Church must reach out to couples living together without being married, Pope Francis told those involved in family ministry in the Diocese of Rome.

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NEW DELHI  – India's Supreme Court ruled in a landmark judgment that homosexual acts between consenting adults are no longer a crime, but church officials said that legal validity does not make such practices morally acceptable.
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I was watching a comedy special by Chris D’Elia the other day where he joked about marriage and it really got me thinking. 

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WASHINGTON – Priests continue to play diverse and integral roles in marriage preparation across Europe and Asia.
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AMSTERDAM – Despite rumors of its demise, the AIDS pandemic is far from over, and churches must continue to play a critical role in combating the disease, Catholic leaders were told at an international gathering of more than 15,000 AIDS researchers and activists.
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When I left high school I told myself university is where I would find a husband. Well, I have one year left of my bachelor’s degree with no husband in sight. 

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Pope Francis often cozies up to young admirers as they raise their smartphones to snap selfies.  But it seems he may be having second thoughts about humouring the selfie generation.

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