I have been following an online course on St. Thomas Aquinas provided by the Order of Preachers, also known as the Dominicans. 

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OTTAWA – Prodded by an increasing intolerance for those who profess pro-life convictions — most pointedly and menacingly by no one less than our prime minister — my wife and I decided it was time to walk the walk and made our way up to Ottawa for the 21st annual National March for Life. I had attended one of the very earliest of these marches back around the turn of the century and had a pretty good idea what we were in for.

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SANTA FE – New Mexico Bishops released a statement last week discouraging public advocacy from Catholic legislators for abortions and assisted suicide on behalf of their Catholic faith.

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In late March 2016, it was announced that a Women’s Wellness Centre was being built in Summerside, P.E.I. It is the first abortion clinic to open on the Island and is scheduled to begin seeing patients in January 2017.

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Vice President Joseph Biden stood at the University of Notre Dame’s commencement ceremony on Sunday (May 15) with a medal signifying American Catholicism’s highest honor slung on a blue velvet rope around his neck.

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A campus pro-life group has filed a lawsuit against the University of Alberta claiming it infringed on the pro-lifers’ freedom of speech by charging the group a $17,500 security fee to host a public event on campus.

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DUBLIN – Northern Ireland's Catholic bishops urged Massgoers to support candidates opposed to legalizing abortion in elections to the region's power-sharing assembly May 5.

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OTTAWA – With Health Canada expected to make an abortion drug available in July, pro-life groups and doctors are concerned with how it will change perceptions surrounding abortion.

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TORONTO – Despite receiving the maximum penalty at a sentencing hearing for her pro-life activism, Mary Wagner walked out of Toronto's Old City Hall a relatively free woman April 23.

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Pro-life versus pro-choice has dominated the abortion debate for as long as the issue has been around. A new documentary film hopes to go beyond that debate.

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Hamilton’s Catholic school board has let Liberal leader Justin Trudeau know it is unhappy with his decree that all Liberal candi-dates going forward must be pro choice.

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Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau interrupted the first long weekend of the summer to issue a “personal reflection” on his decree, announced on May 7, that pro-life candidates would be barred from contesting Liberal Party nominations.

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OTTAWA - After failed attempts in the past by Conservative MPs to reopen the abortion debate, the Liberals and New Democrats have re-ignited the issue with policy initiatives that promote an abortion agenda.

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TORONTO - In an open letter to Justin Trudeau that upholds the important role of faith and conscience in politics, Cardinal Thomas Collins has urged the Liberal leader to rescind his party's unprecedented ban on pro-life supporters.

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Toronto pro-life Liberal MP John McKay says he’s no less a Liberal for his stand against open-access, unregulated abortion.

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