Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

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MISSISSAUGA, Ont. - After more than an hour of mainline Protestant and Catholic consternation and deep thinking over the declining influence of Christians in Canada’s political life, Jeremy Bell had had enough.
{mosimage}One of Canada’s most outspoken Catholic bishops is going to the nation’s capital, where legislators, judges, policy makers and media will be counted among his flock.

Pope Benedict XVI appointed Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, S.J., 63, to replace Archbishop Marcel Gervais as head of the archdiocese of Ottawa May 14. Prendergast will take possession of Ottawa’s cathedral in late June or early July. Gervais submitted his resignation when he turned 75 last September, as required by canon law.

TORONTO - Scripture scholar Archbishop Thomas Collins is taking on a new role as liaison between the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Biblical Association of Canada.

{mosimage}TORONTO - Another story about garment workers forced into 24-hour shifts, beaten and fired for joining a union, paid less than Philippine minimum wage (between 51 and 68 cents an hour) to produce women’s shirts for Wal-Mart shoppers wouldn’t shock anybody.
Parliament has added its symbolic apology to that of four national churches, voting 257 to zero May 1 to say sorry for Canada’s official program to wipe out aboriginal culture through residential schools.
{mosimage}TORONTO - It’s time for Canada’s Catholic bishops to state clearly what they think Canada should be doing in Afghanistan, according to a lay peace group which plans to petition the bishops for a statement before Christmas.

{mosimage}The federal government has some explaining to do about climate change and tax breaks. A coalition of churches with the help of an environmental legal group are hoping to hear what the government has to say early in 2008.

November 16, 2007

Poverty gets political

TORONTO - Churches believe the moment has finally arrived when poverty is about to mix with politics in Canada, and the faith community wants an invitation to the party.

{mosimage}In less than a year the church in Prince Edward Island could cut two-thirds of its parishes. Demographic shifts, an overstretched and aging priesthood and financial pressures are driving the diocese of Charlottetown to consider reducing the number of parishes, missions and chapels it is committed to maintaining from 59 to 17.

{mosimage}TORONTO - There really is a new world order, and Canada has stumbled into a critical role in it, Sen. Romeo Dallaire told a gathering at the University of Toronto as he helped launch the anti-genocide Aegis Trust in Canada Nov. 3.