The scope and shape of a summertime papal pilgrimage to Canada is beginning to take shape, though no official itinerary has been put forward.

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The words I’m sorry from the Pope were more than what either Canadian bishops or Indigenous delegations expected from this week-long encounter with Pope Francis.

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Pope Francis will visit Canada to further reconciliation with Indigenous Canadians in relation to residential schools.

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The news that many Canadians have been waiting to hear for a very long time arrived on the morning of Oct. 27 — Pope Francis is ready to come to Canada.

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There has never been a papal visit to anywhere that has been anything like what will unfold when Pope Francis comes to Canada — a papal journey of sorrow, mourning and repentance holding forth a thin candle of hope up against the flood of our own Catholic sins.

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Deacon Harry Lafond is well aware of the serious, sorrowful situation which has prompted Pope Francis to announce a visit to Canada. But he does not believe the papal visit should drown in tears.

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Pope Francis has accepted an invitation by Canada’s bishops to visit Canada “on a pilgrimage of healing and reconciliation.”

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There may be good reasons for not inviting the Pope to Canada, but the risk of being sued isn’t one of them, said a litigation lawyer who has taken the Church to court.
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