Charles Lewis: Time for Catholics to stop the passivity

During the federal election I wrote about the unfair treatment Andrew Scheer received in the media.

    Gerry Turcotte: Life’s adversities call forth the bloom

    I was admiring a friend’s potted plant recently when she noted that I had just missed the flowering. “I forgot to water it,” she noted, “and it just bloomed.” 

      Readers Speak Out: November 24, 2019

      Wrong decision

      Re: Toronto Catholic board votes to include gender terms (Nov. 17):

      Angela Saldanha: Prayers for departed needed all year

      Traditionally, November is the time when we especially remember to pray for departed family members, friends and (maybe) enemies. 

        Bishop Thomas Dowd: Documentary sets stage for challenging dialogue

        The fall meeting of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops brought with it an unexpected invitation. The group SNAP (Survivor’s Network of those Abused by Priests) organized a viewing in Cornwall of the documentary Prey, a film that sheds light on the predatory actions of Hod Marshall, a now-deceased Basilian priest who was convicted for sexually abusing minors.

          Peter Stockland: Religious bigotry born of ignorance

          Alberta MP Garnett Genuis was right when he blamed “anti-Catholic bigotry” for the current attacks on Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

            Glen Argan: In search of a moral conscience

            The issue of the right to freedom of conscience will not go away. In fact, it may be the defining issue of our time. 

              Readers Speak Out: November 17, 2019

              Incompatible vocations

              Re: Synod gives hope to Canada’s North (Nov. 10): 

              Two years ago, The Catholic Register published an article about Fr. Issa Maamar, a priest in the Greek-Melkite Church who was forced to leave Syria to protect his family. Priests in the Greek-Melkite Church are allowed to marry. Torn between leaving his people and protecting his family, he explained: “If I was alone, I would not have decided to leave, but because I had a family and I wanted to protect them, I had to make this decision.”

              Editorial: Take the next step

              An emphatic defence of religious freedom by Ontario politicians was almost enough to set bells ringing at churches — and mosques, synagogues and temples — across the province. 

                Bob Brehl: Eucharist ‘is not a prize for the perfect’

                Denying the Eucharist to U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden out on the hustings last month set off new “wafer wars” that spilled across the border, rekindling painful memories for at least one Canadian politician.