KRAKOW, Poland – Panama, which will host World Youth Day in 2019, is a small country, but the head of its bishops' conference has no doubts the church will be able to organize the event.

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KRAKOW, Poland – St. John Paul II's former secretary urged young Catholics to share their faith, experiences and hopes and spread a "message of divine mercy" worldwide during World Youth Day.

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As a teenager from a small town in a small province, the whole concept of World Youth Day is exciting. I get to travel to a different country, I don't have to work for a few weeks, I'll meet new people, the list goes on.

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KRAKOW, Poland – Polish police have raised the official security threat level at World Youth Day in Krakow, after an Iraqi man was arrested with traces of explosives.

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Canada is a place with a deep multicultural heritage. In the same way that Canada is important to those who live there, one’s ancestral home country is just as or more important. This year, my ancestral homeland, Poland, is hosting World Youth Day. As someone very connected to their heritage and religion, you can imagine why World Youth Day 2016 is so important to me.

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PHILADELPHIA – It takes just over nine hours to fly from Philadelphia to John Paul II Airport in Krakow, Poland, for travellers who want to attend World Youth Day July 26-31 in that city.

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VATICAN CITY – With his visit to World Youth Day only a few days away, Pope Francis asked young pilgrims to accompany his visit to Krakow, Poland, with prayers.

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Sometimes, God works in not so mysterious ways. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that today’s Gospel speaks to something I’ve been anxious about for weeks now. 

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VATICAN CITY – Tears and not words. Prayers and not greetings. During his trip to Poland for World Youth Day, Pope Francis will go to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi death camp. He said he wants to go alone and say nothing.

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MONTREAL – Leon Celemencki looked at the group of young adults heading to the World Youth Day celebration in Krakow, Poland, in July, asking about their planned side trip to the notorious Nazi concentration camp known as Auschwitz.

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MISSISSAUGA, ONT. – Always remember why you are there, Hamilton auxiliary Bishop-emeritus Matthew Ustrzycki told 600 young Polish-Canadians preparing to return to their ancestral homeland for World Youth Day this summer.

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WASHINGTON - World Youth Day organizers in the United States and Poland remain in touch with diplomatic and security officials in their respective countries to ensure that pilgrims will remain safe during the festival of faith in late July.

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WARSAW, Poland - Pope Francis will visit the former Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau during a July 27-31 visit to Poland for the celebration of World Youth Day, the Polish bishops announced.

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VATICAN CITY - The sainthood cause of Argentine Cardinal Eduardo Francisco Pironio, who organized the first World Youth Days as president of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, has been forwarded to the Vatican.

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The World Youth Day pilgrimage begins at the local level.

With less than six months before young Canadians leave for Krakow, Poland, this July, youth ministry groups are hard at it preparing their pilgrims for spiritual formation.

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    July 26, 2016: The shrine of the Black Madonna was opened to World Youth Day pilgrims so that they could venerate the miraculous image up close. (Photo by Jean Ko Din)

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