Catholic Register Staff

Catholic Register Staff

The Green Party has dropped one of its federal election candidates for her pro-life views.

October 11, 2019

Week of Oct 11, 2019

More good news

I want to congratulate you for the inspiring writing you choose to put in The Catholic Register.

October 4, 2019

Week of Oct 4, 2019

Time to reboot

Church leaders cannot be blamed for optimistically adopting Vatican II changes, which most clergy and laity supported. However, 55 years on, it must be concluded that those good-faith liberalizing strategies have not worked. 

Three St. Michael’s College School students involved in the sexual assault scandal that rocked the prestigious Toronto Catholic school pleaded guilty Oct. 3 to sexual assault charges.

With educational support staff set to take full-scale strike action Oct. 7, Ontario’s Catholic school boards are reviewing contingency plans with a particular emphasis on student safety and their ability to maintain programming.

Catholics are called to be engaged in the public square. As we prepare for the October 21 federal election, you are invited to be part of one of the largest live audience debates in Canada.

The Catholic Register is pleased to introduce these 6 young people selected for this year’s YSN program.
September 27, 2019

Week of Sep 27, 2019