Vatican confirms pope to lead full slate of Holy Week, Easter liturgies

VATICAN CITY - The Vatican confirmed Pope Francis will lead a full slate of Holy Week and Easter liturgies in Rome and at the Vatican, keeping pace with a usually busy papal schedule.

What’s in a name? The Pope explains

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis said that “as things got dangerous” in the conclave voting, he was sitting next to his “great friend,” Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes “who comforted me.”

Pope says religions must cooperate to remind humanity God exists

VATICAN CITY - For the good of all people, the care of the poor and the future of the Earth, religions must cooperate in reminding modern men and women that God exists and has a plan for their lives and their behavior, Pope Francis said.

Pope begins ministry with biblical symbols, signs of universal ministry

VATICAN CITY - Although attempts were made to simplify the ceremony, Pope Francis officially inaugurated his ministry as Pope and bishop of Rome in a liturgy filled with biblical symbolism and signs of the universality of his mission.

As Joseph protected Mary, so Pope Francis pledges to protect Church, human dignity

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis formally began his ministry as bishop of Rome and as Pope by pledging to protect the Catholic Church, the dignity of each person and the beauty of creation, just like St. Joseph protected Mary and Jesus.

At first Angelus, Pope Francis says God never tires of forgiving

VATICAN CITY - Citing a distinguished German theologian and an anonymous elderly penitent from Argentina, Pope Francis told an overflow crowd in St. Peter's Square never to despair of God's mercy to sinners.

Pope's episcopal motto comes from homily by English doctor of church

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis' episcopal motto is based on the Gospel account of "The Call of St. Matthew," the tax collector, in a homily given by St. Bede the Venerable.

Ouellet is third Canadian to merit papal consideration

Associate Editor Michael Swan is in Rome to report on the conclave. Selecting a pope is a world event, but that doesn’t mean it lacks a Canadian perspective. Here Swan looks at Canada and the conclave.

Church should always reform and improve

VATICAN CITY - If Jesus had wanted a Church free of scandal or problems, he would have put it in the hands of angels, not a humanity he loved, said Nigeria's newest cardinal elector.

Pope Benedict pledges obedience to next pope 

VATICAN CITY - The Clementine Hall is traditionally where cardinals gather to bid farewell to popes at the end of a pontificate, but usually it happens when the pope is lying in state before his funeral.

Could a Canadian be the next pope?

Cardinal Ouellet high on many lists to succeed Benedict XVI