“The joys of parenthood: apparently the best kept secret.”

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Strong and active faith in God helps put more religious Canadian women in the family way, says a new report from think tank Cardus.

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Are young people, particularly those aged 18-30, still interested in religion?

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As the story goes … a doctor asked a patient if anyone in his family suffered from insanity. “No,” he replied. “We all seem to enjoy it.”

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Lamb stew might not be typical Easter cuisine in North America, but for Elisa Pasini and her family it is an Italian delicacy steeped in tradition.

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The “nuclear family.” Such a strange phrase. Does it glow? What exactly is it?

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Catholic parents seeking to help their children make sense of world events have had their work cut out for them in 2020.

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The thought of 14 children would be inconceivable for most couples these days but for Carissa and Patrick Douglas it’s a dream come true.

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On Sept. 5, 1920, Laura Cardoso left the family home in which she had been born to marry Salustiano Roque de Freitas. Nearly 100 years later, I visited that home, now deserted, in her village in Goa, India.

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After years of loneliness living on the streets, Gordon Petrie’s chance move into a rundown shed outside a Ukrainian Catholic church in Surrey, B.C., has brought him friendship, community and a family reunion out of his wildest dreams.

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I’ve always done my best thinking through writing, and the death of my younger brother Chris last month has given me a lot to think about. The thing is, his life had meaning, and so did his death. I write this to share just a few reflections on that meaning.

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EDMONTON -- Brad and Arynn Abercrombie and their five kids are isolating, but not isolated.

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WASHINGTON -- Jeannie Gaffigan didn’t initially set out to write a book about having her brain tumour removed.

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Softening is a curious thing. We soften water, counteracting metals and minerals that stain and damage our clothing. We soften edges, to prevent slivers and injuries. We soften butter, to stop it from tearing through bread. 

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WASHINGTON – A new study found that in 11 countries across the globe, cohabiting couples have more doubts about their relationship lasting and give less importance to their relationship than married couples do.
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