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The latest adaptation of the Marvel Comics favourite Spider-Man hits theatres today. We've also got reviews for some of the other latest releases including Ted and Magic Mike.

Catholic Movie Reviews - Brave, Rock of Ages, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter & more


This week sees the release of the new Pixar movie Brave and a new fun take on the life and times of Abraham Lincoln.

Catholic Movie Reviews - Prometheus, Madagascar 3


Ridley Scott's Alien "prequel" is finally arriving in theatres, does it live up to the hype? And if you're wondering what the gang of the Madagascar movies have been up to, then you're in look as part three in the series hits theatres.

Catholic Movie Reviews - Snow White and the Huntsman, Chernobyl Diaries, Crooked Arrows


This week's big release is another modern re-telling of the classic Snow White fairytale. Is it worth your $13?

Catholic Movie Reviews - Men in Black 3, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


The Men in Black franchise is back after ten years, can it topple The Avengers from the top of the box office? Elsewhere we also have a review of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, the new film about seven elderly Brits who travel to India.

Catholic Movie Reviews - The Dictator, Battleship, What to Expect When You're Expecting


The Avengers is still sitting on top of the box office charts. Can the new Sacha Baron Cohen comedy dethrone it?

Catholic Movie Reviews - The Perfect Family & Tim Burton's Dark Shadows


The Perfect Family has received a lot of coverage in the Catholic media for it's depiction of Catholic women, is it worth your time? Elsewhere Tim Burton's blockbuster Dark Shadows reboot looks to knock The Avengers off the top of the box office.


Catholic movie reviews - Marvel's The Avengers


This week's big release is expected to set weekend box office records. Is it worth your time?


The Avengers

By Adam Shaw Catholic News Service

NEW YORK - Seemingly destined to haul in wads of cash at the box office, the ensemble adventure "Marvel's The Avengers" (Disney) will not disappoint fans of the comic books on which it's based. But it may prove problematic for the parents of some excited youngsters anxious to ride the juggernaut.

The film has a long pedigree that can ultimately be traced back to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's original comics series from 1963 (Lee serves the screen version as an executive producer).

Familiar with controversy, 'Catholic Oscars' honor their heritage


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - At the 19th annual "Catholic Oscars," it wasn't only the honorees who were in the spotlight -- but the controversy that their selection had generated.

Catholics in Media Associates -- which presents the awards each year -- is known for having "questionable, even controversial" honorees, said founding member Barbara Gangi, honorary chairwoman of the event. "Even among our own group!" she added.

Catholic movie reviews - The Raven, The Five-year Engagement & The Pirates! Band of Misfits


Looking for a movie this weekend? We've got reviews of three of the week's big releases.

Catholic Movie Reviews - Chimpanzee, Cabin in the Woods, Lucky One, Lockout, Think Like a Man


This week's batch of movies couldn't be more different if they tried. A Disney nature documentary, a space-based action, a horror movie and romantic comedies mean you're sure to have something to entertain you at the weekend.