TORONTO - St. Francis Table celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. In honour of the celebration it will hold an appreciation luncheon Feb. 12 for all schools and people who have volunteered with the organization.

New archbishop has heavy schedule in first weeks


TORONTO - Archbishop Thomas Collins, Toronto's new shepherd, will be hosting numerous Masses and related events throughout the archdiocese upon his arrival in Toronto beginning Jan. 28 and running through Feb. 20.

Payday loans institutes are modern usury


money martTORONTO - Jose Martin is a labourer at a construction site in Toronto. The job does not pay much so his family — his disabled wife and three children — supplements his income with social welfare provisions. However, welfare does not cater for everything the Martins need.

Out of the Cold program runs into problem with Beach neighbours


TORONTO - Parishioners at St. Aidan's Anglican Church would like to bring the needy in from out of the cold, if only they could convince area neighbours of their cause.

Church used in charitable tax fraud

TORONTO - Almost $3 million worth of fake receipts for fictional donations to 39 Toronto-area Catholic parishes has landed a Markham, Ont., woman in court.

Government moves slow on no-sweat policy

The federal government can't say when Canadians will get to know whether the prison uniforms it buys are sewn by prison labourers in Myanmar, or whether Canadian army boots are manufactured using child labour.

Airport chapel closes after 30 years


TORONTO - After nearly 30 years in operation the airport chapel at Lester B. Pearson International Airport's Terminal 2 will close Jan. 28. This comes just one day before the Greater Toronto Airport Authority closes Terminal 2 altogether.

The chapel was the first religious presence at the airport when it opened in 1979.

God is the answer when faced with fear


TORONTO - Normally, Lillian Gomez of Toronto would not attend Mass on a Thursday but she did on Dec. 28. What compelled her to attend Mass that cold Thursday was the theme of the service.

Canadian philanthropy lags behind Americans

TORONTO - Canadians are the third most generous people in the industrialized world, but only half as generous as Americans.

A spate of recent statistical reports on Canadian philanthropy draws a picture of a nation that opens its wallet, but not too wide.

Changes to homeless funding coming

TORONTO - There's no new money but there is a new name for the federal government's program to house the homeless across Canada.