Every year over a million children experience a tragic milestone: seeing their parents divorce. In fact, when combined with unmarried parents who split up, it’s now estimated that fewer than half of all children today will spend their childhood together with their parents in a unified home.

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The Catholic Church must take great care to avoid rites or blessings that suggest marriage is anything other than a sacramental bond between one man and one woman, the incoming prefect of the Vatican's doctrinal office said.

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Sixty per cent of Canadian children are being raised in homes with married parents, a new study has found, a number that has stayed steady since 2016 after years of decline.

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Anne and Dane MacCarthy’s 61-year marriage rooted their commitment to Catholic tradition.

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Marriage in Canada has become the preserve of the middle aged and older. The latest Statistics Canada numbers from the 2021 census show that fewer than one in five Canadians in their 20s are married.

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In the happy moments following the end of the Easter Vigil service at St. Joseph’s in Port Moody, nine of the 10 men and women who were baptized or confirmed that evening began to leave the sanctuary with family and friends, most heading to a celebratory gathering in the adjoining church hall.

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Avelino Maranan’s courtship of his future wife Eufemia evokes the classic ending to the 1989 romantic comedy Say Anything…

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Often when a particular friend of mine says certain things, I don’t react right away. In fact, it might require days. Or impose a prudent pause until the 12th of Never.

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At the start of the pandemic, retired surgeon Dr. Frank Browne got up at 5 a.m. ready to head into the hospital to tend to the sick. He had heard the call to retired doctors to assist as COVID-19 was taking its toll on the health-care system.

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Catchy slogans are fun and helpful: shorthand for complex concepts — except when they’re not.

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VANCOUVER -- This year’s Marriage Anniversary Mass in the Archdiocese of Vancouver smashed records as 356 couples celebrated milestone anniversaries together but remotely in a virtual live event.

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“Love at first sight” as a concept probably finds itself with an even split between advocates and detractors.

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In his own way, Pope Francis is developing a different kind of vaccine to battle the effects of COVID-19. This is not a vaccine developed in a scientific lab, but it may well be a much-needed antidote to some of the unseen but crippling injuries that have accompanied the pandemic.

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When Margaret and Paul O’Connor first met in 1946, they were teenagers enjoying a Catholic youth night at St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto. As they swayed to the sounds of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, little did they know that one day they would celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.

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A young Catholic couple were not engaged, but hoping to get there. At a certain point, naturally enough, Anne and Simon found it difficult not to engage in sexual relations. Instead, they quarrelled.

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