Catholic Register Staff

Catholic Register Staff

August 27, 2007

Our Green Issue


Editor's note: As concern for the environment raises new heights, it's worth exploring what Christians are doing about the crisis, and what Christian theology has to say. This package of stories highlights some of the ways Christians, particularly Roman Catholics, are grappling with the issue.


{mosimage}An ice-fisher from Sachs Harbour, NWT, and a sugar-cane farmer from the Fiji Islands have more in common than some may think.

{mosimage}TORONTO - Wearing plastic gloves, Carolyn Tran remembers rooting through her school’s garbage with her classmates taking an inventory of all the discarded recyclables.

The Canadian Catholic Bioethics Centre (CCBI) has added its voice to the growing chorus of those opposed to federal Bill C-407, which would make euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide legal in Canada.
TORONTO - All the favourite arguments for euthanasia are on display in the latest attempt in Europe to jettison bans on allowing doctors to legally put someone to death, says one of North America's top bioethicists. And they can all be countered by solid reasoning.
{mosimage}HAMILTON, Ont. - Bobby Schindler, brother to Terri Schiavo, said his family had no idea how powerful and aggressive the pro-euthanasia movement is in the United States until they were faced with its full force in the legal battle over his sister's life.

"The underlying issue is money," the 41-year-old Schindler told The Catholic Register April 21 at the annual conference of Ontario Alliance for Life.
{mosimage}RICHMOND HILL, Ont. - When I arrived at a Richmond Hill house where a cash donation was being made to a Catholic organization for abused children in the Philippines, I was met by young lady in red skirt and black top. I noticed she was petite and beautiful but as soon as she handed me a name tag, I forgot about her.

HPV.jpgTORONTO - It appears most Catholic school boards in Ontario are on board with the province's plans to vaccinate girls against the HPV virus. It's predicted the vaccine will reduce cervical cancer rates by 70 per cent.

{mosimage}TORONTO - When Michael Schmidt and Vanessa Nicholas got engaged they decided they wanted to symbolize their commitment ethically — with a socially and ecologically just ring.

December 21, 2007

2007 in review


  • Vatican spokesperson Fr. Federico Lombardi criticizes the execution of Iraq’s deposed leader, Saddam Hussein, saying it could ignite more violence in the wartorn nation.

  • The Ontario Court of Appeal accords equal rights to three parents in a child custody case — the biological parents and the mother’s lesbian partner. The Alliance for Marriage and Family says the ruling is the latest step to redefine traditional understandings of family.

  • Kingston Archbishop Anthony Meagher dies after his courageous four-year battle against cancer. Bishops, clergy and Catholics heap praise and admiration upon Archbishop Meagher after hearing the news.

  • The federal government announces $270 million in funding over the next two years for the fight against homelessness, the Supporting Communities Partnership Initiative, as well as $256 million for repairs to housing for low-income earners and the disabled.