In the face of a nation gripped with a rising homeless crisis, King’s University College Community Support Centre has expanded its program to ensure it can continue to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in the community.

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For many of the downtrodden who find themselves filling the 108 beds each night at Vancouver’s Catholic Charities Men’s Shelter, it’s a devastating cycle that an ever-worsening economy just won’t let them exit.

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In a little corner of the cavernous basement of Mary Queen of the World Cathedral in Montreal, Fr. Jean-Pierre Couturier has spent every Thursday of the last 25 years mending shoes.

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The Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD) has opened St. Gemma Outreach School for students in vital need of extra support.

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There is no “quick fix” for a deluge of refugees overflowing Toronto’s shelter system, said Deacon Rudy Ovcjak.

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As number of violent incidents on Toronto streets rises, attention turns to finding new ways to deal with mental illness and addiction among the homeless.

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Like a healthcare jazz band, the Saint Elizabeth Foundation, the charitable arm of SE Health Care, has improvised its way around provincial funding priorities to launch a new hospice for the homeless in Windsor, Ont.

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The oft-told story of the child who throws starfish back into the ocean because “it matters to that one” is the kind of organic growth that Bob Buckham hopes to see when ministering to the homeless in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

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With an ever-growing housing crisis in Nova Scotia, the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth has extended its emergency shelter initiative.

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The statistics are chilling even though they are imperfect. CBC reported that in December 2021, 35 names were added to the Toronto Homeless Memorial list of those who died while homeless in Toronto. The actual number of deaths could be higher. 

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PORTLAND, Ore. -- In a sturdy homemade woodshop amid filbert orchards not far from the Willamette River, the gears of 90-year-old Vern Stuewe’s mind crank all day.

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Toronto architect and planner John van Nostrand has over his 40-year career built tiny home communities around the world and is hoping something similar can be brought to Toronto to house the city’s homeless.

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VATICAN CITY -- Adam Piekarski, a homeless man from Lódz, Poland, never imagined that the sketches he would draw in his free time while waiting for the public showers near Bernini’s Colonnade would lead to the opportunity of a lifetime.

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It’s coming on Christmas and the Halifax-Yarmouth archdiocese is writing its own inspirational story of Bethlehem.

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The spirit of Christmas giving arrived early this year in Edmonton, with the St. Joseph’s College Catholic Students’ Association at the University of Alberta collecting clothing to keep dozens of homeless people a little warmer this winter.

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