Youth Speak News

{mosimage}OTTAWA  - Youth from across the Ottawa archdiocese gathered for the second annual Don Bosco Awards Gala Jan. 30 to honour those who answer the call to live passionately through Christ daily.

Eight of the youth leaders, described as having gone above and beyond the call of youth ministry, were given special recognition at the event.

Saskatoon seminarian saves priest's life

{mosimage}SASKATOON - Fr. Marc Mireau recently survived a severe heart attack thanks to a quick-thinking seminarian and dedicated doctors.

On Dec. 28, Mireau, bilingual pastor of a French Catholic community outside of Saskatoon and chaplain for Catholic Christian Outreach at the University of Saskatchewan, was preparing to fly to Winnipeg for CCO’s national Rise Up Christmas conference, but had not been well for a few days prior.

Figuring out prayer

I desire it. I fear it. I use it. I misuse it. I love it. I neglect it. I change it. I am changed by it. What is it? Prayer: the lifting of the created creature’s mind and heart to its Creator.

Take the leap of faith in God and yourself

Faith. Recently, I have been puzzled with this five-letter phenomenon. This tiny word is loaded with huge potential. Faith is belief, a leap, a trust in a force beyond ourselves. Mother Angelica, an American Roman Catholic nun, said “Faith is one foot on the ground, one foot in the air and a queasy feeling in the stomach.”

During times of hardship, our faith is challenged. We look towards God, others and even ourselves to find comfort in our pain. That is why I initially thought there was a profound difference between faith in God, others and ourselves.

Catholic kid quarterbacking the world

{mosimage}St. Marcellinus Secondary School quarterback Brandon Bridge is living his dream. The 17-year-old Mississauga athlete was selected and contacted several weeks ago as one of 45 junior players from four continents to play on the World Football Team for the annual “Team USA vs. The World” football game Jan. 30 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Bridge has led his school team, the St. Marcellinus Spirit, to back-to-back senior high school championships. He played for Team Canada in an event in Canton Ohio last July and suspects he was selected for the World Football Team because of that exposure.

Living the Catholic spirit of sports

{mosimage}HAMILTON, Ont. - In her career as an athlete and educator, Cecelia Carter-Smith has discovered a Catholic spirit of sports.

And in the overlapping worlds of sports and school, this Catholic spirit exists in the quality of relationships built. These are the foundation not only to success, she says, but also personal growth.

“Winning is not as important as respect and dialogue,” said Carter-Smith. “If you have the desire, mentors and supportive people, then you can really flourish.”

Women and men need to take purity seriously

The monthly e-mail I share with a group of Catholic friends was sent recently following a disturbing personal situation where I was reminded of the sickness of impurity, even in our circle of faith.

Just a few days prior, at a Catholic function, I was made very uncomfortable by a married man’s questionable behaviour towards me. Though many might have trivialized the incident, I felt objectified in a setting where I expected safety and protection.

Catholic youth share ethnic traditions

{mosimage}OTTAWA - On Jan. 10, Ottawa youth came together to honour cultural diversity among Catholics at the annual Homelands Mass celebrated at the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica.

Catholics from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds participated in the Mass, including Chinese, Italian, Korean, Hungarian, Polish and Vietnamese. All participants in the Mass wore clothing representing their community. Following the Mass, a representative from each  community had the opportunity to speak with the bishop about their concerns. There was also a reception featuring foods from around the world.

Resolve to follow Christ

With a new year upon us, many of us find ourselves seeking new methods for self-improvement. Often we make resolutions to either end our bad habits or pick up better ones.

Yet by late January, most of us have either given up on our resolutions or simply forgotten about them altogether.

Catholic Christian Outreach focuses beyond the campus

{mosimage}WINNIPEG - Catholic Christian Outreach is now looking to focus on better preparing its graduates as Christian leaders as they step out of their university communities.

“We do not want our graduates dependent on CCO,” said Andre Regnier, co-founder of CCO, the Canadian university movement focused on evangelization and formation of students. “Our number one priority is to send them forth.”

A real threat to humans

I find the circumstances of my birth quite interesting in light of public efforts to pass Bill C-384. When I was born 15 weeks prematurely I weighed less than two pounds. I also had underdeveloped lungs and experienced extreme pain. To ease the pain, my doctors gave me morphine which I had a bad reaction to. I stopped breathing and my condition became critical. The doctors said I wouldn’t survive. If I did I would have a disability.

Fortunately, while I did acquire cerebral palsy, I did not die. I was nursed back to health by dedicated doctors and nurses.