Marriage seems to agree with George and Olive Heron. How else do you explain having stayed true to their vows for 71 years?

Parish leaders at heart of campaign’s success


As more parishes take the leap of faith that is the Diocese of Hamilton’s “One Heart, One Soul” Campaign, pastors play an instrumental role, of course.

Sisters re-constructing a solid future


Where many people would be tempted by the money they could reap by selling a property in a desirable Toronto location to condo developers, the Daughters of St. Paul are staying put to continue their mission in a place that is home. And has been home for decades.

The Bourgeoys revolution: Celebrating 400 years of St. Marguerite


Calling a woman who toiled in New France in the mid-1600s Canada’s first great feminist might draw a laugh from some, but not Sr. Susan Kidd.

Orphans of history: The Irish refugees of The Great Famine of 1847


MONTREAL -- Unlikely as it might seem, the Irish are once again in the eye of a controversy storm, this time over the naming of a Montreal commuter rail station in historic Griffintown neighbourhood.

The great collaborator: Sr. Sue Mosteller receives Order of Canada


Changing the world an inch at a time with nothing but a word, a prayer, a hope or an intuition isn’t the sort of thing we very often notice, let alone celebrate.

Parade of new saints includes four Canadians


For sheer numbers, there has never been a decade like the 2010s for saint-making. That’s because Pope Francis canonized over 800 in one go when he declared St. Antonio Primaldo and his 812 companions (martyred in 1480 by an invading Ottoman army in Oranto, southern Italy) saints on May 12, 2013.

Decade of historic drama and debate


The crisis, the kairos moment, the crux of the matter, the hinge of history — none of these are easily discernible, usually. But for Catholics, this last decade has been unusual.

Jesus’ birthday is a hit


Over 100 families celebrated Jesus’ birthday just a little early at the annual Daughters of St. Paul Baby Jesus Party on Dec. 7.

Christ’s birth sheds light on reconciliation

The following is an edited version of the annual Christmas message from the president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Archbishop Richard Gagnon of Winnipeg:

Network dreaming of green Christmas


This year, as in each and every year, the Green Church Network is wishing one and all a Green Christmas.