I love being a Catholic. I am a “cradle Catholic” from Essex County, Ont. I have been a Catholic priest for 54 years. Every day, I discover fresh insights into the richness of our faith. My reasons are personal to me, but probably shared by many others as well. I want to cite them here so that others may be inspired to draw up their own list. It is a grace-filled exercise.

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VATICAN – As the capital of Italy and center of Catholicism, the city of Rome must work with the Catholic Church to preserve and defend its rich historical and spiritual traditions, Pope Francis said.
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For Caroline Burns, the search is over. She has finally found a university program that will instruct her Catholic faith and provide a degree in a field of interest.

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VATICAN – The fruitful friendship and dialogue between Jews and Christians must go beyond the world of experts and academia, Pope Francis said.
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VATICAN – That many religions exist in the world is a fact, but what that plurality communicates to believers about God is a question that theologians are still discussing.
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Some might say that Randy Boyagoda is a lot like Prin, the protagonist of his third novel. Both are Catholic university professors with a Sri Lankan background and four daughters. 

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WASHINGTON – Debate continues about whether the Vatican's provisional agreement with China will improve relations between the Chinese state and members of religious groups, which have had a long history of conflict.
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OXFORD, England – Spain's Catholic Church has voiced "deep concern" over plans by the new government to curb religious teaching and re-examine past accords with the Vatican.
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Anyone who has stepped inside a church in the last 40 years doesn’t need a nationwide poll to tell them that the most religious Canadians are the newest Canadians. Immigrants are driving the bus for almost every faith community in Canada, but none more-so than Catholics.

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Passers-by hardly give it a glance. A Kingston place key to my past is about to vanish, forever.

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DENVER, Col. – With the goal of encountering children on a more personal level to meet their academic and spiritual needs, a Montessori school influenced by the Byzantine Catholic tradition is opening in Denver, Colorado.

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A recent Ipsos poll conducted for Global News showed that 51 per cent of Canadians polled believe that religion does more harm than good.

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MENLO PARK, Calif. – Tara Clemens was an Anchorage, Alaska, attorney, and an evangelical Christian who joined the Catholic Church during her last months of law school.

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ROME, Italy – When it comes to talking about women and their role in the Church, discussion tends to focus almost exclusively on getting ordained or being placed in high ranking, decision making positions.

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Montreal was not quite 250 years old when Mark Twain, scanning a skyline of church steeples, called it the city of a hundred bell towers.

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