Book shines spotlight on poverty

The Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition is once again battling poverty in Ontario, this time with facts laid out in black and white and printed in a book.

Even in a pandemic, there is room for Christ

Fr. Harrison Ayre knows COVID lockdowns can wear you down. He’s felt it more in the last few months.

Picker priest explains bluegrass appeal

ROME -- Rome’s baroque churches, street-side shrines to the Virgin Mary and regular cycle of papal liturgies conjure fitting sentiments for a priest living and teaching theology in the Eternal City.

Knights of Columbus founder a witness for the world

The story of Blessed Fr. Michael McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus, is being retold to ensure that Catholics everywhere know of the immigrant son who heralded the birth of a modern Catholic Church before a deadly pandemic took him in 1890 — two days after his 38th birthday.

Graham Greene: a saint who would be sinner

On fortuitous occasions, the right biographer finds the right subject at just the right time. 

Anishinaabe actor hits Sundance screen

Martha Wilson first noticed the performing gene in her son Phoenix when he was just two years old.

Musical flips script, adds nuances of history

WASHINGTON -- Danny Schur, a Ukrainian Catholic from Winnipeg, thought he knew all about the 1919 general strike that brought life in his native city to a standstill.

Restorer breathes life back into statues

QUEBEC CITY -- A self-taught hobby to save and restore religious statues has led Lyn Robichaud to reflect on French Canadians’ relationship with these objects of piety that often end up in the garbage.

Film to chronicle Our Lady of the Cape

Canadian Catholic filmmaker Kevin Dunn was spellbound when he first heard the story of Our Lady of the Cape.

New casting of Schmalz immigration artwork unveiled

WASHINGTON -- A new casting of a 3.5-ton bronze sculpture commissioned by the Vatican has made a temporary stop in Washington before it eventually finds a permanent home there.

Murals help artist reconcile a difficult past

Through a commission to paint murals at three Catholic schools, Indigenous artist Ryan Willert has been able to find his own healing and reconciliation with the Catholic community.